Washington County real estate transactions July 20-26

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292 Higgins Rd., Hebron, is a spacious, open floorplan 1,492-square-foot home with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths that sits on 5.6 wooded acres. It recently sold for $300,000.

Recorded July 20

Ronald C. Hedden sold property located on Ole Hickory Hill Way, Salem, to Brianna Morris for $33,000.

Jake H. Byler and Clara D. Byler sold property located on County Route 11, Hampton, to John H. Byler and Ada D. Byler for $160,000.

Daniel E. Brown and Terry J. Brown sold 1 Mercer Way, Greenwich, to Morgan Smith and Theresa Gawlowski for $194,900.

Elizabeth M. Demarsh sold 17 Mechanic St., Kingsbury, to Tristian Baker for $170,900.

17 Mechanic St. in Kingsbury, a multifamily house built in 1905, has two apartments each with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. It recently sold for $170,900.

Recorded July 21

Timothy W. Tipton and Amanda G. Tipton sold 44 Grey Goose Rd., Fort Ann, to Chriss Mars and Shirlee Tanner for $230,000.

Charles E. Tiernan and Claire K. Tiernan sold 41 Ridgecrest Way, Hampton, to Patricia T. Owen for $235,000.

Sarah A. Wehnau and Michael D. Wehnau, deceased, sold 316 Dodge Rd., Whitehall, to Bruce Gordon for $120,000.

John Daly Jr., sold 54 Saunders St., Whitehall to Amber Labarge and Cole Fuller for $32,000.

Kathleen A. McFarlane sold 5698 County Route 30, Hartford, to Stephen R. Davis and Nancy Leaden for $290,000.

Kathleen A. McFarlane sold property located on County Route 30, Hartford to Matthew A. Rozell and Laura L. Rozell for $114,000.

Pauline E. Manell, trustee for William W. Manell and Pauline E. Manell Family Trust and William W. Manell, deceased, sold 12 Bellamy St., Whitehall, to John Daly for $21,500.

Erika S. Ryan, Esq, referee for Joanne Marie Hughley and Jessie Irwin, deceased, sold 19 East St., Hartford, to Gitsit Solutions LLC for $168,904.91.

44 Grey Goose Rd., Fort Ann, is a custom-built contemporary 1,320-square-foot ranch home with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths that recently sold for $230,000.

Recorded July 22

Justin Kirchberger and Rachel Kirchberger sold 13 W. Summit St., Fort Edward, to Patrick Mullen for $6,000.

Louis J. Fisher and Lauralee M. Fisher sold 19½ Rogers St., Fort Edward, to Zachary L. Goodsell and Hayley E. Goodsell for $160,000.

David E. Webster sold 53 Coleman Ave., Kingsbury, to Constance Holtby for $140,000.

Steven Mestyan and Patricia A. Frazier, co-executors for Hazel G. Mestyan, deceased, sold 314 Hickey Rd., Hampton, to Meagan E. Watkins for $87,700.

Paulette Rohrman sold 43 Rainbow Way, Hampton, to Jamie Marie Sweeney for $120,000.

Mellon Bank of New York sold 308 County Route 7, Dresden, to Tallat Ali Khan for $61,320.

19 East St., Hartford, has 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and 1,132 square feet of living space on a 0.6-acre lot. It sold for $168,905.

Recorded July 25

Sara Coppins sold 100 E. Potter Ave., Granville, to Kevin Stalin Coronel for $45,000.

David E. Roberson and Lucy A. Roberson sold property located on Ray Road, Greenwich, to Scott Fitzgerald and Kimberly Wagner Fitzgerald for $12,000.

2876 State Route 40, Greenwich, is situated on a private 2.6-acre lot. This 1,288-square-foot house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath and sold for $265,000.

Recorded July 26

Lewis I. Martell and Susan Teer Martell sold property located off of 327 State Line Rd., White Creek, to Neil H. Cooney and Jo Ann Brahan for $60,000.

Philip S. Worthington and Rochelle M. Worthington sold 2876 State Route 40, Greenwich, to Keegan R. Waite for $265,000.

Toadflax Realty LLC sold 1887 Hinds Rd., Kingsbury, to Kathleen A. McFarlane and Amy D. Lane for $250,000.

Douglas Lundeen and John C. Lundeen and Marion J. Lundeen, both deceased, sold 80 Gull Bay Rd., Putnam, to Karl Johnson for $10,000.

Conrad Lundeen, trustee for Lundeen Revocable Living Trust, sold property located on Liddle Harris Road and Gull Bay Road and 76 Gull Bay Rd., Putnam, to Karl Johnston for $83,500.

William Daniels and Darlena Daniels sold 689 Hinds Rd., Argyle, to Alden Smith for $35,000.

Neptune Issue Inc. Profit. Sharing Plan sold property located on County Route 1, Putnam, to Santo Sapienza for $130,000.

Stephen Guerra and Michael A. Pichi sold 70 and 0 Schwerdtfeger Rd., Putnam, to Eileen Rogers for $140,000.

Jeffrey L. Casey and Tammy M. Casey sold 6 Baldwin Corners Rd., Kingsbury, to Timothy F. Lang and Gail M. Lang for $200,000.

Xiao Tao Li sold 292 Higgins Rd., Hebron, to Erik Hurley for $300,000.

Ralph Lockhars, power of attorney, and Kimberly Elaine Vanheste, attorney in fact, sold 98 McCrea St., Fort Edward, to Melissa Lampmon for $145,000.

1887 Hinds Rd., Kingsbury, a 2,380-square-foot post-and-beam home built in 1840, sits on 13.8 acres. Taken down to the studs, the 4-bedroom, 1-bath home is ready to be finished by its new owner. It recently sold for $250,000.