Lions Club mural restoration complete

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Courtesy of Granville Lions Club. The newly restored mural on the Granville Lions furniture warehouse building.

GRANVILLE—A local building now has a whole new and revitalized look.

The old mural on the side of the Lions Club building had faded with weathering over the years, and although it had not lost its significance, it had lost its brilliance. That is no longer the case.

A few weeks ago, the project to restore the mural began with the help of Granville Engine and Hose Company volunteers, who used hoses to wash off the paint from the Lions Club furniture warehouse building and make the structure ready for the work of artist Jordan Flower.

The Lions mural restoration was funded in large part by a 2023 grant from the Granville Community Foundation, according to the Lions Club.

“The mural, first painted in 1996 by Pam Paparella and Karen Cosey, with assistance from Granville schoolchildren and even school board members, depicts many iconic places around the town,” Lions Club Secretary Linda Ellingsworth said. “It was designed by members of the Lions Club and community members to tell the story of Granville.”

The Granville Lions Club hopes this artistic depiction of the community will continue to brighten Main Street for many years to come.