Granville Area Chorus Spring Concert

The Granville Area Chorus will be presenting its Spring Concert on Monday, June 10, at 7 p.m. in the South Granville Congregational Church.

The 29-voice choir will begin the concert with “Sine Nomine” (“For All the Saints”), at which time the audience will be invited to sing the first and last verses. The group will continue in Latin with “A Jubilant Gloria.” Next will be the ballad “Speak, O Lord,” followed by an a cappella arrangement of “Go Down, Moses.”

The concert continues with “Homeward Bound,” a ballad with four-hand piano accompaniment, followed by “Raise Your Hands.” The first section of the concert concludes with “Peace in the Valley” (recorded by Elvis Presley) and the gospel “On That Day.”

Next, the women will take over and sing “Carry Me Home,” an a cappella version of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” and then the spiritual “Down By the Riverside.”

The men will follow with the spiritual “Wade in the Water” and then an upbeat setting of the spiritual “Gospel Train.”

The final section of the concert begins with an energetic song called “Come to the Music” and continues with the ballads “Is He Worthy?” and “Build My Life.” These are followed by another spiritual called “Like a River in My Soul” and then “You Raise Me Up” (recorded by Josh Groban).

The concert concludes with “Gospel Fest,” a medley that includes “Sweet By and By,” “I Love to Tell the Story” and “When We All get to Heaven,” with an invitation for the audience to join the chorus. The final song will be the spiritual “Glory, Glory!” (“I Feel Better”).

Featured soloists are Michelle Parbus, Dale Bucciero, Tracey Wesley, Deb Cramer-Bourn, Karrie Monroe, Sam Rodgers. Ken Schenk, Mary Bucciero and Art Peters. The accompanist is Virginia Shedd, who is joined by Rona McColl. The conductor is Crystal Everdyke, who  will be joined by Ken Schenk.

The audience is invited to join the chorus for refreshments in the Max Baer Fellowship Hall after the concert. Donations toward music expenses will gratefully be accepted.