Granville Then & Now: American Legion posts to hold beauty contest, 1934

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By Erik Pekar

There were some news items of interest in the May 10, 1934, issue of the Granville Sentinel.

A beauty contest was to be held in the area: “A beauty contest which is to be the feature at the Tri-State Legion festival in Cambridge June 22 and 23 is well underway in Granville. Local merchants are co-operating with the Legion post by issuing coupons with each ten cent purchase. Already about 75,000 votes are in circulation from the Granville stores. The elimination contest is scheduled in Granville for the month of June and the three highest will earn a place in the finals at Cambridge.

“Each Legion post in Washington county is in this contest and Granville is considered one of the most active in the group. The Granville merchants who are supporting the local Legion post in the contest are: G.H. McDonald and Son, Lester E. Roberts’ Jewelry Store, Mason’s Gift Shop, Granville Bargain House, Nathan Goldberg and Son, Rigali and Bernardini, Lichtig’s Department Store, Wilson Clothing Company, E.E. Paul and Son, Hugh Weir Cigar Store, Angelo Bernardo’s Restaurant, Bert E. Yurdin, J.J. Lawler and Son, Race and Dunn, Vic’s Shoe Shop, Ellis and Jones, Severance Bakery, Wiesner’s Garage, The Ladies Store and S.W. Bloom.

“Those standing high in the contest will also be awarded prizes by the local merchants.

“See the coupon at bottom of this column for extra votes for your candidate.”

The coupon referred to here, was titled “Legion Beauty Contest Coupon – Vote for Your Favorite” and one such coupon was “good for 100 votes for your candidate.” It had the following fields: “I Vote For Miss,” for the name of the woman the voter desired to vote for in the contest; the address of the woman being voted for, and for the voter’s name and address.

The Legion beauty contest was sponsored by the Washington County posts of the American Legion, including Granville Post No. 323. The contest would have been a boon for Granville business at a time when they sorely needed the business. The year 1934 was in the era known as the Great Depression, and as mentioned earlier this year, business was slow at the time in Granville and across the country. As mentioned above, coupons were given out for every ten cents of purchases made at participating stores, which meant the 75,000 votes represented an influx of $7,500 dollars into Granville businesses.

* * *

The Granville High School seniors were to present senior plays: “Seniors of G.H.S. will present four one act plays, Wednesday, May 16, at 8:15 o’clock in the high school auditorium. Admission, adults, 25 cents; students, 15 cents.”

The plays were described in greater detail in an article inside: “The Granville High School plays to be presented by the seniors of the school Friday (tomorrow) evening at 8:15 o’clock at the school auditorium, promises and evening of four exceedingly well staged one act plays. The plot of each play is well dramatized. The following is the cast for ‘Tea at Four,’ a mystery play: Sir Robert Neville, Charles Roberts; Jarvis, butler in the Neville household, William Scott; Prue Neville, Sir Robert’s granddaughter, Florence Daniels; Allen Blaine, Sir Robert’s secretary, Russell Williams; Joe Warren, police inspector, Russell McLaud; Clancy, police officer, Elliot Brown; Nora. cook in Neville household, Alice Barrington; Marie, maid, Verna Brown; Ordway, chaffeur, Vorman Bromley.

“The following is the cast for ‘Keeping Kitty’s Dates,’ a comedy of mistaken identity: Kitty Brooks, who can’t keep her dates straight, Lenore Murphy; Evelyn, Mina and Flo, who are tired of keeping Kitty’s dates, Florence Wilkie, Anita McHenry and Dorothea Barrett; Stanley Deprey, the date they keep, Mac Manchester; Mr. Rowlands of the Upland Insurance company, John Gilbert; Mr. Fleming of the Famous Love Stories Publishing company, Inc., Richard McGrath; maid, Mildred Roberts.

“‘Thanks Awfully,’ a comedy, has the following cast: Richard Montague, a woman hater, Gilbert Williams; Dorothy Montague, his sister, Evelyn Dean; Marion Gatewood, the girl, Wilma Hanna; Anna Marsh, Marion’s friend, Mary Prehoda; Carol, Anna Owens; Edith, Elizabeth Dudding; Mrs. Dodd, Beverly Wood; Mrs. Smythe, Grace Maranville; Enid, Marguerite Jones; Nanette, Lemoyne Lindsay; Mrs. Hemenway, Caasi Norton; Mrs. James Gowe, Harriet Carpenter; Caroline, Norma Price; Jane, Ellen Zovistaski.

“The fourth and last of the plays to be presented is ‘Elmer,’ a comedy with the following cast: Elmer Collier, Elton Murphy; Susan Collier, Margaret McDonough; Jean Collier, Regina McDonough; Jane, Margaret Williams; Mrs. Collier, Edna Beecher; Fannie Bell, Dora Sheldon; Herbert Brown, Kenneth Cone; Russell James, Douglas MacLeod.”

* * *

A new relief investigator was named: “Mrs. Kate Roberts has been appointed investigator for relief cases which come before the Welfare Officer of Granville and has begun her duties. Roy Williams is still one of the investigators but the work cannot be handled by one person and Mrs. Roberts will be another assistant to Welfare Officer T. Stanley Edwards.”

* * *

With the spring season well underway another proof of its arrival had emerged: “The Lake St. Catherine Country Club golf course is officially open for play. Membership tickets may be arranged for either at the clubhouse or with the treasurer, Russell Williams in Poultney.”

* * *

An appeal was made for players interested in a summer hard ball league: “Interest is being shown in a hard ball league for the coming summer. All those interested are requested to meet at the Potter Press in Granville Monday evening at 8 o’clock – Rev. William Barlow, president of baseball league.”

* * *

“The many friends of the late James Rowe, poet and hymn writer of Wells, will be interested to tune in on the National Broadcasting company system next Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m., daylight saving time, when a program of his songs will be broadcast on the regular mid-week hymn sing program presented by Arthur Billing Hunt and his singers. The program may be heard on either WEAF or WGY.”

* * *

Observance of Hospital Day in Granville: “National Hospital Day occurs May 12, next Saturday. The Emma Laing Stevens hospital in Granville will be open for visitors in the afternoon and evening and friends of the institution are cordially invited to visit the building and grounds and see what is being done by way of management and care of patients.”