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Jan. 11

Jason Pollock (executor) of Cossayuna sold property located on Kilburn Road North in Greenwich to Edward V. and Laura A. Bernard for the sum of $70,000.

Adam W. Gardineer of White Creek sold property at 54 Brownell Hollow Road in White Creek to Christopher and Charles Paulin for the sum of $245,000.

Glenn M. and Elisa B. Schneider of Queensbury sold property located at 3729 NYS Route 4 in Kingsbury to Thomas John for the sum of $35,000.

Jan. 12

Marie Dingman-Fallon of Fort Ann sold property located at 359 Buttermilk Falls Road in Fort Ann to Matthew J. Baker for the sum of $150,000.

Jan. 16

Robert N. Gregor (referee) of Lake George sold property belonging to the estate of Sean T and Kristina F. Mathews and located at 547 Clay Hill Road in Fort Ann to Trustco Bank for the sum of $75,000.

Trustco Bank of Glenville sold property located at 547 Clay Hill Road in Fort Ann to Joseph and Tatiana Bowen for the sum of $73,000.

John J. Lavin of Clemons and Stacy L. Lavin of Whitehall sold property located at 40 Death Rock Way in Whitehall to Tammac Holdings Corporation for the sum of $118,208.

Margaret M. Bennett (executor) sold property located 14-16 River Street in Fort Edward to Amelia Taylor for the sum of $144,200.

Jenny Lee Streeter of Hudson Falls sold property located at 3 Weston Avenue in Kingsbury to Richard F. Mohamed, Jr. for the sum of $175,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services of Anaheim, CA sold property located at 1233 County Route 24 in Granville to Marion L. Wadsworth for the sum of $40,000.

1003 CR 68 LLC of Eagle Bridge sold property located at 1003 County Route 68 in White Creek to REO Home Services for the sum of $105,000.

Jan. 17

Federal National Mortgage Association of Plano, TX sold property located at 15 3rd Avenue in Kingsbury to Tyler and Charles Weiss for the sum of $215,000.

Flatley Read Inc. of Schuylerville sold property located at 126 Main Street in Greenwich to Sustainable Properties 126 Main, LLC for the sum of $35,000.