Story of the Year: Shooting death of Kaylin Gillis

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Kaylin Gillis

Editor’s Note: Many stories of note were reported in our community in 2023, but the shooting death of Kaylin Gillis in Hebron was reported around the world and is our 2023 Story of the Year.

Wrong turn into Hebron driveway results in death of 20-year-old woman

Twenty-year-old Kaylin Gillis of Schuylerville and friends were looking for a Hebron residence hosting a party on Saturday night, April 15, when they turned into the wrong driveway. Realizing their mistake, they turned around and began to leave when two shots rang out, one penetrating the vehicle Gillis was a passenger in, striking her in the neck.

The driver, Gillis’ boyfriend, sped away while others in the car tried to call for help. Because of a lack of cellphone coverage, they were unable to complete that call until they reached the Town of Salem. First responders rushed to Gillis’ aid but could not save her life.

Called in to assist in the investigation, Granville Police were the first to arrive at the home of 65-year-old Kevin Monahan and set up a perimeter until Washington County Sheriff’s deputies arrived. What followed next was a tense standoff and lengthy negotiations with Monahan before he eventually surrendered.

Monahan was arrested and charged with second-degree murder as well as other charges.