Border Country Sports Report-November 8th

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Good Morning! With the Border Country Sports Report, I’m Keith Harrington.

SVL Releases Girls Soccer All-Opponent Teams

The Southern Vermont League has released their 2023 all-opponent teams for girls soccer and local schools are well represented.

In the D Division Poultney’s Bella Mack and Hailey Hayes were honored. Proctor was represented by Isabel Greb and Emma Palmer, Selected from West Rutland were Samara Raiche, Aubrey Beaulieu, and Kennah Wright-Chapman.

Also named to the D Division team were Sidney Herrington, Audrey Robinson, Taylor Wilkins, and Grace Diedrich of Arlington, Mount St. Joseph’s Emma Blodorn, Riley Collins and Isabella Anderson, Long Trail’s Olivia Cole-Bugay, Molly Luikart, Aubrey Lanning and Meara Morgan, Sharon’s MaCallister Gray and Twin Valley’s Alejandra Bevilacqua.

Earning honorable mention were Bella Coombs, West Rutland; Cadence Goodwin, Aleea Richardson, Proctor; Georgia Donaldson, Eme Silverman, Kenzie Ezzo, Poultney; Leah Majorell, Emma Wiegers, MSJ; Chloe Kennedy, Jada Hughes, Mill River; Sheya Wehrman, Magnolia Robinson, Arlington; Alanna Bavilacqua, Leann Crafts, Biannca Place, Twin Valley; Maddy Mintz, Olivia Halsey, Avry Loftus, Sharon; Brianna McKenzie, Long Trail.

Co-Coaches of the Year were Arlington’s Kirk Robinson and Brandon Smith.

In the C Division the first team was made up of Audrey Rupp, Olivia Macleay, Miah McAllister and Sophia Rockwood, Leland & Gray’s Mary Sanderson, Ava LeCours and Maggie Parker, White River Valley’s Amara Calhum-Flowers, Cassie Armstrong and Tanner Drury, Randolph’s Shiloh Lake and Cadence Mailhiot, Springfield’s Macie Stagner, Rivendell’s Harper Traendly, Erin Ricker and Elisia Sonsalla, Green Mountain’s Abby Williams and Kyra Burbela and Bellows Falls’ Laura Kamel.

Earning C Division honorable mention were honorable mentions: Autumn Fales, Sophia Cherubini, Grace Wright, Green Mountain; Abigail Emerson, Amanda Fontaine, Leland & Gray; Lanie Thayer, Adrian Clement, Randolph; Colleen Underhill, Allie Vogelein, Rivendell; Ella Donahue, Kymber Considine, Meadow Murchie, Camden Gramling, Springfield; Anna Stratton, Sadie Kinsley, Anita Miller, White River Valley; Brianna Barton, Windsor; Aubrey Maxfield, Natalie Douglas Bellows Falls.

Leland & Gray’s Joe Towle was named Coach of the Year.

In the B Division Fair Haven’s Lily Briggs, Madison Perry and Elizabeth Love earned first-team honors.

Also named to the first team were Woodstock’s Leah Kuhnert, Chloe Masillo, and Hannah Watson, Stratton Mountain’s Rayne McClure and Sophie Davis, and Otters Valley’s Savanna Cook, Mallee Richardson, and Linnea Faulkner.

Receiving honorable mention were Kate Hadwen, Julia Carrara, Audrey Perry, Ayame Merkel, Fair Haven; Sophia Nisimblat, Jane Stout, Skye Cully, Woodstock; Merritt Loring, Stratton; Allie Charbonneau, Otter Valley; Nicola Husmann, Dallas Kelly, Hartford.

Otter Valley’s Tammi Blanchard and SMS’s Dave Sklar were Co-Coaches of the Year.

Rutland senior Ady Kinsman and junior Lanza Bellomo made the A Division first team.

Also named to the A Division first team were Mount Anthony’s Roey Rella-Neill, Tiffany Carey, and Ella Palisano, Brattleboro’s Reese Croutworst and Zadie Olmstead, and Burr and Burton Academy’s Maura Grazioso, Josie Powers, Sadie Stefanak, Hazel Cornwell and Abby Kopeck.

A Divison honorable mention went to Martha Cotter, Rutland; Alicia Harrington, Lauren Campbell, Ani Palisano; Abby Sekora, MAU; Bella Lam, Siobhan O’Keefe, Megan Carson, BBA; Sophia Albright, Kaitlyn Pattison, Kylee Mager, Brattleboro.

BBA coach Suzanne Mears was named Coach of the Year.