Town considers eliminating one of its 2 judges

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Granville Town Offices, March 2023

As wintertime meetings sometimes are, the March 9 edition of the Granville Town Board was brief. The most interesting development is that Justice Paul Manchester has announced his retirement.

According to supervisor Matt Hicks, given the reduced volume of court cases, brought on he believes by the pandemic and New York States bail reform laws, it is conceivable that town only needs one justice, not two. Roger Forando is the other sitting magistrate, and he plans to seek re-election in November. To that end, the town board has instructed its attorney to look into what is required to eliminate the second justice position and report back to them at the April meeting.

As a side note, Justice Forando also serves in the same capacity for the Village of Granville. He is running unopposed this year in the village elections being held Tuesday, March 21.

It’s finally here, almost

The town has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for delivery of the new Highway Department truck. Supply chain issues cause by the pandemic have complicated the delivery schedules for these large vehicles and their accessories. It was these accessories, such as the dump box, plow and wing that have caused the vehicle to sit in the parking lot of Allegiance Trucks in Hoosick.

Those accessories are finally in, and the vehicle is nearly complete. Highway superintendent Scott Taylor traveled to Zwack Inc. in Stephentown on Friday to inspect the vehicle and hopes to have it in service in a matter of days.

The only other news of note from the meeting was the appointment of Eric Fiske as a Planning Board alternate.