Cub Scouts’ meeting place ‘in limbo’

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The proximity of Whitehall American Legion Post 83 and the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department station (on the left) is visible in this Jan. 20 photo.

By EJ Conzola II

Members of the Whitehall community’s Cub Scout Pack 6083 might have wondered recently if they should change their name to nomads.

The pack had been meeting on the third floor of the American Legion Post 83 building but were forced to move a few weeks ago to the second floor of the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department station because of concerns about the lack of an emergency exit from the upstairs of the Legion hall.

But a recent refurbishing of the downstairs floor of the fire station generated fumes that wafted upstairs and caused health issues for some of the Scouts, making another move necessary, Scout leader Angela Benson told the Town Board on Jan. 18.

The Scouts are planning to move back to the Legion soon – this time to the second floor – once some space is cleared there, Benson said. However, it may be several weeks before that work can be completed, she said.

“We’re just in limbo right now,” Benson said.

The Scout leader asked the town board for permission to hold pack meetings in the senior citizens facility adjacent to the town Recreation Center for the next few weeks until the Legion spaces becomes available.

Board members were generally supportive of the request, although town clerk Patti Gordon noted that the facility already hosts several other organizations, as well as activities for seniors, and she wanted to be sure adding the Cub Scouts to the mix would not create any sort of conflict.

The Cub pack meet every other Monday and Wednesdays and Thursdays in the late afternoon or early evening, but would be happy to work around the already-scheduled activities, Benson said. She added that the move would be temporary, probably only a couple of weeks, until the Legion space became available.

“Everybody down at the Legion is very supportive of us,” Benson said.

Town recreation director Tim Martindale also supported the Scouts’ request.

The board voted unanimously to allow the move.