Stefanik in support of anti-recidivism grant

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North Country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-Schuylerville) has joined 10 other New York State Congressional representatives to sponsor legislation that would authorize $10 million in anti-recidivism grant funding from the Department of Justice for states that have laws directing courts to consider dangerousness when determining bail or pretrial release.

Entitled the Stop Enabling Repeat Violence and Endangering (SERVE) Our Communities Act, the bill is specifically targeting New York State’s bail reform laws (enacted in 2020) and expanded pretrial release for a variety of misdemeanor and felony charges.

The law has created a large political divide between those who claim it levels the playing field for those charged with a crime but lack the fiscal resources for bail and those who say it repeatedly turns dangerous criminals back on the street to offend once again.

To receive a share of the funding, states would not only have to pass legislation directing courts to consider the dangerousness factor but further directs states to hire and retain law enforcement or administer a public awareness campaign that combats anti-police sentiment and improves community-police relations.

While introducing this legislation Stefanik said: “In the face of the Far Left’s calls to defund the police and dangerous bail reform that puts more violent criminals on the street, I am proud to lead this investment in our law enforcement and strengthen public safety.”


Since the Republican Party now controls the House of Representatives Stefanik’s legislation may be approved, however its fate is uncertain in the Senate, which is controlled by the Democratic Party.