SADD’s Heckman focusing on preventing drunk driving

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Whitehall High School freshman Lily Heckman’s campaign this year is Boycott Blackout Wednesday.

Q: What is your campaign about and what is it that drew you to focusing on that topic?

A: Boycott Blackout Wednesday is where we encourage people not to drive drunk on Thanksgiving. One thing that drew my focus to this topic is that most of the times when people drink and drive they get in a car accident, and if we encourage them not to drink then there will be fewer accidents on Thanksgiving and the night before.

Q: What is your favorite part about SADD? Is it the events? The meetings? Being able to brainstorm ideas?

A: I love the events because we get to interact with different people and encourage them to make good decisions that can positively affect their health and safety!

Q: What has been your favorite event since you’ve joined SADD? What did you do while you were there?

A: My favorite event since I have joined SADD was the Quick Click Challenge. During this event we timed the kids to see how fast all of the kids could buckle their seatbelts.

Q: What made you want to join SADD? Was it someone or something that inspired you to make a difference in your school and community?

A: I wanted to join SADD because I wanted to encourage people to make good decisions. My dad is a counselor and inspired me to make a difference in my community because I want to help people like he does.

Q: How has SADD impacted your life and the decisions you make?

A: I will not do stuff that harms my safety and wellbeing.

Q: What is a fact that you have learned from being a part of SADD that was eye-opening to you?

A: I didn’t know that most car crashes occur because of drunk driving.

Q: What is something you would want to tell a student who may be reading this and struggling?

A: If they want to talk about what they are struggling with they can talk to me. Also, if it is something that I can’t help with then I will offer to help find someone who can help them.

Q: What is something unique to the Whitehall chapter that you love?

A: The Sasquatch Festival because we have different events during it.

Q: What is something you would tell a student about SADD if they were interested in joining?

A: SADD is fun because of the events that we do, but it is still teaching people to make good decisions.