Washington County real estate transactions, Nov. 1-7

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72 Carroll Lane, Fort Ann, is a 3-bedroom, 1.5-bath, 1,536-square-foot log home with fully powered outbuildings including a workshop and sugar shack. It recently sold for $290,000. (Seller represented by Lisa Williams with Keller Williams Capital District)

Recorded Nov. 1

Herbert D. Hall, executor for Audrey J. Hall, deceased, sold 2029 State Route 29, Jackson, to Frederick T. Volino for $148,400.

Donald John Lane, power of attorney, and Sue Ellen Breitigan, attorney in fact, sold 2 Donahue Way, Granville, to John Thomas III for $15,000.

Maria C. Barthold sold 21 Broad St., White Creek, to Ian C. O’Neill and Michaela J. Jebb for $265,863.

Pamela Sullivan sold 103 Coon Rd., Argyle, to Andrew Johnson for $226,500.

Burr H. Lechevet and Mark H. Lechevet sold 629 N. Grimes Hill Rd., Hebron, to Sleepy Pig Farm Animal Sanctuary Inc. for $199,999.

John J. Goodman Jr., Esquire and referee for Peter T. Massa and Jennifer A. Massa, sold 4 South Park St., White Creek, to U.S. Bank National Association for $169,795.23.

Mary Lennox Tooley sold 90 E. Main St., Granville, to Randy A. Ameden and Teresa G. Ameden for $159,900.

Gary Gutowski, Esquire and referee, sold 15 Third Ave., Kingsbury, to Federal National Mortgage Association for $142,029.79.

Arnold L. Davis and Theresa A. Davis sold 86 West St., Whitehall, to Lucretia Ingerson for $79,900.

Tucked into the neighborhood yet close to shops and eateries, the 4-bedroom, 1.5-bath, 1,980-square-foot home at 21 Broad St. in White Creek recently sold for $265,863. (Seller represented by Malinda Nelson with Berkshire Hathaway Blake)

Recorded Nov. 2

Kristine Flower, Esquire and referee for David Fitzpatrick and Lorianne Fitzpatrick, sold 68 Clemons Center Rd., Dresden, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Trustee and Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2006-HE3 for $52,417.

Francis M. Putorti and Cheryl A. Putorti sold 155 and 157 Broadway, Whitehall, to Hiramani 155-157 LLC for $400,000.

Fred Hover Jr., administrator for the Estate of June Hover, June Hover and Frederick Walter Hover Sr., both deceased, sold 4216 County Route 48, Argyle, to Neal Kober and Renee Montero Kober for $20,000.

629 N. Grimes Hill Rd., Hebron, is an 87-acre parcel of land containing 25 acres of tillable land, 20 acres of woodland and 42 acres of wooded wetlands has a 1,000-square-foot solar-powered barn. It recently sold for $199,999. (Seller represented by Kim Bender with Four Seasons Sothebys’s International Realty)

Recorded Nov. 3

Scott Priest sold 72 Carroll Lane, Fort Ann, to John A. McDougall Jr. and Kaitlyn M. McDougal for $290,000.

Michael Murphy and Alecia Murphy sold 7 Pine View Dr., Greenwich, to Alexander J. Artale and Alana M. Nicoletta for $355,000.

Catherine Belnap, executrix for the Estate of Mary Sclafani, sold 3 Melony Lane, Kingsbury, to Vicky L. Rossi for $243,617.

Craig Gravina and Jay Gravina, trustees for the Arthur Gravina Irrevocable Trust, sold 3145 Oakley Way, Fort Ann, to Switchco LLC for $2,946,000.

Paul A. Durling and Marjorie M. Durling sold property located on Pope Hill Road, Hartford, to Barbara K. Turpin and Mark G. Turpin for $26,000.

Diamond Point Realty Corp. sold property located on Sanford Lane, Kingsbury, to Kevin Tucker and Erin Burke for $59,000.

Kristine C. Walterich, Karin A. Krueger, Kenneth A. Larson and Barbara A. Larson LE, deceased, sold 72 Moore Rd., Fort Edward, to Justin K. Bain and Dorothy L. Bain for $260,000.

Joshua Wilson sold 23 Elm St., Granville, to Tyler M. Briggs for $155,000.

Elwaine Guilder, executor for Shirley M. Peregrim and Paul Peregrim, both deceased, sold 569 East Lake Rd./Hemlocks Lane, Argyle, to Jacob D. Ellsworth and Jenna M. Ellsworth for $240,000.

Scott Hammond and Kailynn Hammond sold 141 Street Rd., Argyle, to Tracy C. Palmateer for $383,000.

The 1,502-square-foot home built in 1940 with 4 bedrooms and 1.5 baths at 86 West St. in Whitehall recently sold for $79,900.

Recorded Nov. 4

Michael F. Zehler sold Ecuyer Patent, Hampton, to Christopher Carota for $170,000.

TTRC Incorporated sold 21 Van Ness Ave., Greenwich, to Sydney Curran and Brandon Morrison for $169,900.

Tracey J. Hilton and Sandra L. Hilton sold property located on Hinds Road, Argyle, to Matthew Jackson, Britany Bristol, Ryan C. Saunders and Jennifer A. Bristol Saunders for $85,000.

Michael R. Held and Deborah Held sold property located on Carlton Road, Whitehall, to Jacob C. Sabo for $38,000.

David Raylinsky and Kim Raylinsky sold 629 King Rd., Cambridge, to James F. Byrne and Christine E. Byrne for $375,000.

Toni Bennett and Norma A. Henderson and Rose M. Henderson LE, both deceased, sold 36 Henderson Way, Fort Edward, to Logan R. Rippel and Katelyn M. Parkis for $269,000.

Gardner Family Estates LLC sold 9 Seminary St., Fort Edward, to Paul Cleveland for $91,000.

James M. Chase Sr. and Sara A. Schenk, deceased, sold 3725 Burgoyne Ave., Kingsbury, to Daniel Hajeck and Beth Hajeck for $125,000.

Tyler L. Davis and Alyssa M. Davis sold 8 Bascom Dr., Fort Edward, to Michele Muller for $224,900.

Mark D. Jurnak and Patricia A. Jurnak, deceased, sold 1257 County Route 24, Granville, to Anthony Arbuckle and Andrea Williams for $87,550.

141 Street Rd., Argyle, is a 2016 custom-built 2-bedroom, 2.5-bath, 1,498-square-foot house on 6.56 acres, hidden among rolling hills with Cossayuna Lake just down the road. It recently sold for $383,000. (Seller represented by Caroline Chauvin with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Blake)

Recorded Nov. 7

Richard E. Fleming Jr., administrator for the Estate of Richard Earl Fleming Sr. and Richard Earl Fleming Sr., deceased, sold 249 County Route 45, Argyle, to W and P Roberts Family Holdings LLC for $85,000.

Patrick M. Traver sold 1524 County Route 17, Fort Ann, to Peter J. Pytka III for $234,900.

Costello Forest and Farm LLC sold property located on Durkeetown Road, Argyle, to Michael J. Smith and Christy M. Smith for $62,500.