From the Times Files – First kindergarten classes in Whitehall public schools

Compiled by Erik Pekar

75 years ago, Sept. 4, 1947

For the first time in the history of Whitehall’s public schools, there will be kindergarten classes this year. One of the classes will be in the central school building, in charge of Miss Agatha Waters; the other, in the Williams Street school, will be taught by Geraldine Babcock.

About 44 candidates were present at the first session of football practice for Whitehall High school’s gridiron hopefuls.

Paul Gordon of Mountain Street has purchased the Louis Eole building on North Main street from Antimo Vinci. The building is now occupied by a cafe on the ground floor and living quarters on the second and third floors.

The general committee has been named for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Whitehall Council No. 276, Knights of Columbus. Leon M. Layden is general chairman.

The Anti-Tank company has a new possession, which they got down at Camp Smith and brought back with them. It’s a jeep, and everybody in the company is proud of it.

Showing at the Capitol: Thursday and Friday, “The Sea Hawk” and “The Sea Wolf;” Saturday, “Stars Over Texas” and “Jungle Flight;” Sunday and Monday, “The Perils of Pauline;” Tuesday and Wednesday, “Carnival in Costa Rica;” next week Thursday and Friday, “Living in a Big Way.”

No births or wedding reported.

Obituaries: Guy N. Anderson, Rochester; Mrs. Edith Ackerman, Hague, formerly of Whitehall; Walter C. Merrill, Whitehall; funeral services for Mary A. Davies.

50 years ago, Sept. 7, 1972

Whitehall Central schools opened amid confusion Wednesday morning, as students and parents were in a state of doubt about the bus schedules. The buses were run until 10:30, so that all stragglers would be picked up. School officials tentatively set the school enrollment for the year at 1,485; 705 in junior-senior high and 780 in K-6.

Seventeen new teachers have been hired for the 1972-73 school year: Rodney Willard, science; John M. Mulholland, Jr., mathematics; Mrs. Barbara E. White, Spanish; Richard R. Smith, Junior High math; John C. Dunham, industrial arts; Mark D. Goodrich, science; Robert W. Holderer, Spanish and French; Jane Klechle, home economics; Gary A. Gilchrist, sixth grade; Dale M. Harris, elementary physical education; Leo J. Capron, elementary art; Dean A. Noakes, secondary art, part-time; Deborah M. Bailey, French; Kathleen M. Barclay, special education; Joanne DeFranco, home economics, part-time; Carl Thompson, music teacher; Thomas J. Mangano, English.

Skenesborough Emergency Squad is starting an annual award in honor of Dr. Erich Seligmann’s 35 years of medical service to the community. The squad anticipates being able to make two awards annually for at least 10 years, one to a boy and one to a girl, in recognition of good citizenship in the school.

Seven returning varsity lettermen, including four backs and three linemen, bolster hopes for the 1972 Whitehall High School football season. Coach John Millett said the emphasis to date has been rebuilding the offensive line. Six of the seven see double duty on both offense and defense. The schedule of league games, starting Sept. 16: Stillwater, Cambridge (away), Fort Edward, Corinth, Queensbury, St. Mary’s (away), Poultney (away), Granville (away).

Pippo’s Hardware advertises its fall lawn care supplies: garden carts, fertilizer, peat moss, lawn rakes, rubbish burners, grass seed, wheelbarrows, lawn shears, electric hedge trimmers, grasswhips, scythes.

Oneida Markets grocery store advertises a steak sale: top round, top sirloin, sirloin steak and t-bone steak, all available for $1.39 per pound. Also available: Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans, 3 22 ounce cans for $1; Oneida bread, 4 22 ounce loaves for $1.

Marriages: Betsy Anne Sheldrick, Whitehall and James W. Witte, Baldwin, Long Island; Erin K. Cadarette, Whitehall and Steven R. West, Poultney, Vermont.

Deaths: None reported.