Hartford chooses rescue plan fund recipients

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Hartford supervisor Dana Haff

After a two-month period of accepting applications, the Hartford Town Board announced three recipients of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding from lost revenue because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supervisor Dana Haff declared three non-profit organizations in the town of Hartford had been selected to receive recompense, following unanimous approval of the board minus an absent Jen Perez.

“We put out a thing in the newspapers if any of the non-for-profit charities, any of the 501c(3)’s in town, if they could show to us that they suffered from a lack of fundraising during Covid from March (4) of 2021 to March (4) of 2022,” Haff said.

According to https://www.budget.ny.gov/localarpa/local-ARPA-NEU-allocations.pdf, the town of Harford was awarded $224,922.40 in ARPA funding and was granted $112,461.19 in the summer 2022 installment after the federal government announced payments would be broken up in two approximately equal installments.

The Hartford United Methodist Church was approved to receive $2,350 in lost revenue between an April 2021 turkey dinner ($1,950) and a September 2021 chili and chowder supper ($400) that both did not take place.

The Hartford Yoked Parish’s request for $2,400 stemming from the loss of two community dinners and election bake sales was also approved.

“While we have been able to resume the silent auctions during the summer band concerts and maintain a craft table in our church, the amount raised has not reached the level of monies raised at the dinners and bake sales,” the Hartford Yoked Parish wrote in its formal request.

The organization consists of the congregational church and the baptist church.

The third request required the board to postpone its decision until next month on whether to approve the designation of Haff’s motion of $15,000 to the Hartford Volunteer Fire Company.

The organization, consisting of the fire department and the auxiliary, reported $16,998.32 in lost revenue that stemmed from five breakfasts, a “Pancake Run Road Race” and rental fees of the building and the memorial hall.

“When I spoke to them, they said anything we could contribute to them, they would be very thankful for,” Haff said. “I would like to award them instead of $16,998, $15,000. Cap it off at $15,000. This is all found money for all of these organizations. $15,000 is still a healthy amount, plus the extra couple grand we’re going to need it for sand, salt, and everything else. This year our expenditures are way up.”

While Haff awaited a board member to second his motion, board member Gary Burch Sr. asked Haff, “why wouldn’t we give the fire company what they’re asking?”

Haff in response: “You can. You certainly can. I’m saying $15,000 is a good chunk of change. The churches were given $2,350 and $2,400. They’re smaller than the firehouse but again, this is found money for the firehouse.”

Haff mentioned the fire company was able to continue limited fundraisers like a golf tournament, but the funds they were looking to be compensated for missing out on were indoor breakfasts and hall rental fees.

Following a suggestion by Haff, board member Barbara Beecher requested the official decision by the board on the fire company’s allotment be postponed to next month.

“Can we look it over more? This is quite a bit of information,” Beecher said.

The board plans on authorizing and signing the vouchers of the allocated amounts at the Sept. 13 meeting.