Sleeping Sasquatch will be standing tall soon

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Whitehall’s Tim Scribner with sleeping Sasquatch and the newly poured concrete pad. (Photo by Jared Stamm)

Tim Scribner, who works for the Whitehall Department of Public Works, the highway department and does a bunch of other things for Whitehall, too, did some work to maintain the town’s pine statue of Sasquatch commissioned by former Whitehall town supervisor Vern Scribner – Tim’s father – about 30 years ago.

With the base of the statue – located near the town pavilion – rotted out, town supervisor John Rozell said to Scribner: “Put that on your priority list, because people are saying stuff and calling about it.”

So, with the statue laying on its side nearby, last Thursday Scribner poured a pad of concrete with some anchor bolts buried in it and has plans to get Sasquatch standing again this week.

After pouring the concrete, Scribner trimmed the rot off of Sasquatch’s feet: “I trimmed his nails,” he said.

But the statue looks as if it is enjoying a little rest: “I want to put a pillow under his head and a blanket on him and tell everyone he’s sleeping,” laughed Scribner.

Expect to see Sasquatch standing tall again soon.