Whitehall town garage getting new roof 

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Town highway supervisor Louis Pratt said the department is off to a busy start this year and is eager to see where the next half of the year will lead. With increased inflation during the first half of the year, Pratt is doing his best with the budget made before the cost of goods skyrocketed. (Photo by Caton Deuso)

Whitehall Town Highway Department superintendent Louis Pratt is eagerly awaiting the required materials for the re-roofing of the highway department building. 

The structure on U.S. Route 4 was constructed in 1974 and the roof has not been replaced until now, according to Pratt. 

Pratt told NYVTmedia the project is to be completed by Nov. 1 while materials are expected to arrive sometime in September. 

“We’ve been in the works of getting a new roof put on our town garage,” Pratt said. “We’ve had a few issues going on with it and it’s time to put a new roof on. There’s leak problems and it’s hard to keep band-aiding them. While the structure is still in good shape, we want to repair the roof that’s on there so we can keep our structure in good shape.” 

The Whitehall Town Board unanimously approved the decision to re-roof the garage and opened the bidding process for a galvanized steel re-roofing project on July 20 suggested by the engineering firm K.A. Martin Engineering, which also engineered the Whitehall Rec Center building.  

“He did very well in the past with that so we hired him to engineer this roof,” Pratt said. 

On July 28, the board selected the lowest of five bids made by Midstate Industries at $196,000. 

The bids capped out at $283,000 and Midstate’s bid came with a resoundingly positive recommendation after the industry’s work in 2019 at Saratoga Race Course won a prestigious “Roof of the Year” award. 

“We’re going right over the existing roof here with a steel roof, insulation in between the two and air vents. So it should be a state-of-the-art roof, what they tell me,” Pratt said. “Midstate had good references, a good background check.” 

To pay for the project, Pratt said the town will use roughly $130,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funding to cover the majority of the cost and the remainder will be financed by the town’s fund balance. 

“It’ll (the galvanized steel) last this building its lifetime,” Pratt said. “It was much needed, for sure, with the kind of equipment that we have in this garage.”