Mystery ‘explosion’ jars North Granville

Reports of an explosion in North Granville on July 31 caused a great deal of confusion for community members and police.

Lt. Todd Lemery of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office told NYVTmedia via email that State Police dispatched a call at about 7:16 p.m. in the vicinity of State Route 22 and County Route 17A for a report of an explosion.

Deputies responded to the area and interviewed several people who heard the noise, however were unable to pinpoint an exact area, Lemery said. “Deputies continued to patrol the area, however no additional noises were heard and no additional information on a more precise location was reported.”

State Police Troop G acting public information officer Stephanie O’Neil said she did not see “any cases for the report of an explosion or loud noises” between July 31 and Aug. 1.

Tricia Andrews of North Granville said she heard the explosion close to 7:30 p.m. from behind her house, pinpointing it to the neighborhood of County Route 17A.

“Someone was maybe target shooting and then there was a huge loud boom. We can’t be the only ones that called the police,” Andrews said. “The troopers at the barracks must have heard it.”

The Sheriff’s Office asks that anyone with information about the reported noises contact the department online under the “submit a tip” button, or call dispatch at 518-747-4623.