Man accused of endangering children 

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A 30-year-old Whitehall man was charged with three counts of acting in a manner to injure a child less than the age of 17 and one count of harassment in the second degree with physical contact on July 24 following reports of a domestic abuse incident. 

Eric Prosser, of Potter Street, was arrested following an incident involving three children and a 27-year-old woman. 

Whitehall police responded to 20 Potter St. after receiving reports of domestic abuse between the woman and Prosser at 8:30 a.m. When police arrived, the woman was standing outside and all of her children were located at her neighbor’s house.  

According to the incident report, while a responding officer tried to interview the woman outside the house, Prosser came outside and was told to go back inside to prevent further conflict. 

The woman went to the police station on Skenesborough Drive with the officer to make a formal statement. 

It was determined that Prosser came home highly intoxicated and had punched the woman in the face while she was holding one of the children, with the incident taking place in front of two other children.  

The Whitehall police officer was assisted by State Police and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in returning to Potter Street to place Prosser in custody.  

When officers arrived, they observed Prosser run into the house and that the porch door was locked. The Whitehall police officer was able to get through the porch door and then learned that Prosser possibly had a knife.  

The front door was also locked and police told Prosser several times to “come out and unlock the door.”  

After exiting the residence, Prosser was commanded by police to put his hands on his head and failed to do so. 

The incident report stated that the Whitehall police officer grabbed Prosser and took him onto the porch where he could safely put him into handcuffs. While being detained, Prosser advised that the knife was in his pocket, but no knife was located on him by police.  

Prosser was taken to the police station but was not live-scanned due to his high level of intoxication. He was taken before Judge Robert Putorti Jr. and released with a complete stay-away order of protection which protects the three victimized children. 

The woman did not request an order of protection against Prosser, who was given a courtesy ride to Stewart’s to retrieve his cell phone but the cell phone was not located.  

Police noted that Child Protective Services would be notified.