Washington County real estate transactions, July 12-19

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A 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,872-square-foot house on 16 acres at 429 North Rd. in Greenwich recently sold for $470,000.

Recorded July 12

Eric J. Baker sold 135 Rainbow Way, Hampton, to Guy Paull for $134,900.

Cass V. Curtis and Pamela J. Curtis sold 9739 State Route 4, Whitehall, to Lori Garman for $248,000.

Richard Ruger sold 45 Clemons Center Rd., Dresden, to Scott Stoodley and Stacy Stoodley for $75,000.

Mary Katherine O. Cleary, administrator CTA for Douglas Duncan Cleary, deceased, sold 17 Cleveland Rd., Jackson, to Bruce Gordon and Allyson Barber for $54,000.

Robert E. Jensen, POA, and Robbin MacFarran, attorney in fact, sold 247 Hogtown Rd., Fort Ann, to William O’Connell and Amanda O’Connell for $125,000.

John W. Arpey Esq., referee for Alma L. Vadnais, sold 30 Morgans Lane, Fort Ann, to Joseph Bowen for $30,000.

Wendy Hurlburt sold 126 Broad St., Kingsbury, to Brianna Noelle Trombley for $102,000.

William Zeppetelli and Laura M. Zeppetelli sold 689 County Route 49, Greenwich, to Stephanie Weaver and Jason Brammer for $119,500.

Dwayne P. Daigle and Karan Garewal sold 2728 County Route 17, Granville, to Avram L. Williams and Melynda Blanchard Williams for $250,000.

9739 State Route 4 in Whitehall is a spacious 2,356-square-foot house on a little hill. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, sits on 5.6 acres and recently sold for $248,000

Recorded July 13

Michael T. Bittel and Wendy Bittel sold 429 North Rd., Greenwich, to Nathan Ward Speanburg for $470,000.

Tong Chen Zhang sold 110-112 River St., Kingsbury, to Kos Mith Service Company, Inc. for $75,000.

Stephen Bardin and Judith Bardin sold 3139 County Route 30, Hebron, to Carrie Lynn Young for $120,000.

Richard W. Norman and Dari L. Norman sold 169 Langley Hill Rd., Greenwich, to Karla S. Hoerning and Sofie Lyn Abigail Hoerning for $406,000.

Curtis Ray and Cindey L. Sherman Ray sold 3420 Burgoyne Ave., Kingsbury, to Thomas J. Sherman for $100,000.

Elizabeth A. Stanton sold 21 Wolf St., Fort Edward, to Gary Sauer for $215,000.

Kellie Adam, executor for John R. Davis, deceased, sold property located on Dinny Road, White Creek, to Louis Davis and Dianna Cuevas Davis for $20,000.

21 Wolf St. in Fort Edward recently sold for $215,000. At the end of a dead-end street, the 1,581-square-foot ranch has 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths.

Recorded July 14

Jean Mary Reinhardt Esq., referee for Debra Newsome, sold 75 Main St., Argyle, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, for $110,776.25.

Iris M. Aguayo sold 0 Peterson Rd., Putnam, to Travis Whitford and Heather Whitford for $80,000.

Gail P. Long and Doris Benway, deceased, sold 11 Seventh Ave., Whitehall, to Daniel M. Pitts for $100,000.

13 Factory St. in Granville has frontage on the Mettowee River and is close to the Pember Library and Slate Valley Museum. This 2-bedroom, 1-bath, 1,075-square-foot house recently sold for $100,000

Recorded July 15

Dennis Degraaf and Ashley Degraaf sold 136 Aiken Rd., Granville, to Laura A. Manges and Charles W. Hunter V for $265,000.

Sergio M. Vasquez and Lourdes P. Vasquez sold 13 Factory St., Granville, to Tyler Betit for $100,000.

Bonnie Sue Williams and Douglas L. Williams, deceased, sold 90 Camp A Way (Blood Street), Hartford, to Frederick A. Keech Jr. for $6,500.

Peter Leonbruno sold 830 County Route 49, Greenwich, to Samuel J. Sloan for $18,000.

Beth Trattel sold 75 Main St., Greenwich, to Levbow Associates LLC for $220,000.

John H. Hollister, Brian D. Hollister and David R. Hollister sold property located on Chapman Road, Hampton, to Cynthia Hollister, Joseph M. Delorme and Malia Delorme for $16,000.

A 792-square-foot three-season camp on Cossayuna Lake at 1574 Hemlocks Lane, Argyle, sold with furniture and a pontoon boat included for $309,000.

Recorded July 18

Eugene T. Boomhower and Catherine Boomhower sold 1574 Hemlocks Lane, Argyle, to Michael Kopchik and Wendy Macpherson for $309,000.

David J. Newman sold 10 Rawson Ave., Granville, to Wayne M. Cook and Bella F. Cook for $178,000.

Beth A. Behan sold 15-17 Preston St., Kingsbury, to Linda Pacyna for $128,000.

Stacy L. Dewey, administratrix for the Estate of Arnold Edward Graham and Arnold Edward Graham, deceased, sold 610/618 Coot Hill Rd., Argyle, to Tabbatha Laroe, Jeffrey Laroe and Joshua Beck for $209,000.

144 Turnpike Rd., White Creek, a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,440-square-foot Cape Cod on 2.24 acres recently sold for $287,500.

Recorded July 19

Floied V. Coltey, POA, Lori Lunt, attorney in fact, and Florence A. Coltey, deceased, sold 367 Goodman Rd., Fort Ann, to T and C Getaway LLC for $119,000.

Trustees of the Diocese of Albany sold 58 Broadway, Whitehall, to Noah Raymond IV for $70,000.

Glenn R. Hendricks and Lois A. Casey, trustees for the Hendricks Family Trust, Gladys E. Hendricks, deceased, and Robert D. Hendricks, deceased, sold 144 Turnpike Rd., White Creek, to Gerald E. Briffa and Rebecca M. Briffa for $287,500.

Colleen Morse, POA, and Ethan Ross, attorney in fact, sold 62 Catherine St., Fort Ann, to Jeffery B. Hamblin and Irma Hamblin for $24,000.

Megan L. Carney sold 126 County Route 49, Greenwich, to Blaine Matice and Angelia Robbins for $180,500.

Michael W. Jones and Vicky L. Newman Jones sold 824 County Route 61, Jackson, to Ryan M. Battease and Kelsey Battease for $295,000.

Christopher Roberson sold 386 Center Cambridge Rd., Cambridge, to Nicole Dixson for $289,000.

Paul R. Cormier and Shirley R. Cormier, deceased, sold property located on Hinds Road, Argyle, to Michael W. Stockwell and Toni R. Stockwell for $36,000.

NJCC NYS Community Restoration Fund II LLC sold 1767 State Route 40, Easton, to Russell D. Roy and Rosalie C. Osberg for $135,000.