Police Beat, July 28, 2022

Granville Police Department

July 14

7:20 p.m. Granville Mayor Paul Labas contacted police to report a group of youths lighting a bottle on fire and smoking outside of St. Mary’s Church on Bulkley Avenue. Labas told the officer that when he asked the group – a 19-year-old Quaker Street woman, a 15-year-old Rupert, Vermont boy, a 14-year-old State Route 22 boy, a 13-year-old Columbus Street girl and two 12-year-olds from Granville – to leave. They became verbally disrespectful toward Labas. Labas saw the group move on toward North Maple Street and once again near the high school football field where the officer was able to contact the group. The officer told the group they were not allowed on school property while school wasn’t in session or at St. Mary’s Church from now on and could be cited for trespassing if found there again. The officer followed the group back to St. Mary’s where Labas said they made a mess with several items partially burned. The officer observed the group pick up a plastic bottle that appeared to be partially melted. Labas requested that the officer cite the group for arson, to which the officer responded that the actions did not fit the criteria description for an arson charge. However, Labas was informed the children could be cited for trespassing if they returned.

8 p.m. An anonymous Factory Street caller told police that fireworks were being lit on Water Street and going over her house. Following their arrival, police located children using sparklers with parental supervision.

July 15

1:13 p.m. The Granville Village Department of Public Works located two bikes in the vicinity of Maple Street and Rawson Avenue and transported the bikes to the police station. The bikes were a small teal colored Mongoose mountain bike and the other was a teal colored NEXT bike, both in fair condition.

4:12 p.m. A 35-year-old Irving Avenue man called the police station requesting an on-duty officer to take and destroy items he located in an apartment owned by his mother that he was cleaning out. The man said he found pills and a white powdery substance in a baggie. The officer arrived and located the described items and took them to the evidence room for destruction.

July 16

6:55 p.m. Police responded to a Prospect Street apartment for a reported trespass in progress where the responding officer spoke with a 77-year-old Prospect Street man. The man said a Fort Edward man came to the residence to speak with a 74-year-old Prospect Street woman when the conversation took a turn and became a verbal altercation. The 77-year-old man told the Fort Edward man to leave the property, which the Fort Edward man did after 911 was called. The Prospect Street man and woman did not request anything other than documentation to be completed.

8:28 p.m. A 33-year-old Church Street woman came to the police station to report parental concerns with her soon-to-be ex-husband, a 38-year-old Hampton man. The woman explained that she feels the man is manipulating their son, a 12-year-old boy, to make the child upset and report the mother’s personal business back to the father. The woman added that she had put a petition into Washington County Family Court regarding custody and reported this behavior. The officer advised the woman that they would document her concerns and contact the man if the situation were to escalate. The woman then asked the officer not to contact the father, just document her concerns.

July 18

12:25 a.m. While patrolling the Church Street area, police observed a Ford Ranger located in the lawn portion of the Mettowee River Park. The officer located two individuals inside the vehicle and advised them that the park closed at 9 p.m. The occupants left the scene without further incident.

3:10 a.m. A 39-year-old Court Street woman told police she observed a vehicle at the end of her driveway with the vehicle’s high-beam headlights pointed at her house for several minutes and then coming onto her private driveway. The woman felt this was suspicious due to the time of day. Police responded to the residence and could not locate the vehicle but did speak with the operator of a Spectrum utility truck, a man, who said he was in the area attempting to locate an issue needing repair.

July 20

2:58 p.m. Police responded to an automobile accident on Pine Street involving a 20-year-old Whitehall woman, Viviana M. Wood, and a 36-year-old Poultney man. The Whitehall woman initially told the responding officer that she was driving behind the Poultney man on North Street and both vehicles turned right onto Pine Street, but the Whitehall woman referred to it as Route 30. The officer noted that the Whitehall woman changed her story to say she was staying straight on North Street when she collided with the Poultney man’s car. The Poultney man told the officer that while on Pine Street, he went to signal to turn left onto North Street and that the Whitehall woman was following too close and could not avoid hitting his vehicle. The officer observed already existing front end damage to the Whitehall woman’s car, a Subaru Forester, prior to the accident with additional passenger side wheel well damage following the accident, as well as damage to the Poultney man’s driver’s side front bumper and front quarter panel of his vehicle, a Honda Pilot. Wood was then ticketed for failing to maintain her lane. While at the station issuing the paperwork to Wood, a 23-year-old North Street man came to the station and claimed to be the owner of the vehicle. The North Street man was visibly upset and argumentative about the issuance of a ticket to Wood, the man not being involved in the accident. The man was then told to leave the premises and was escorted out of the station after continuing to be argumentative and vulgar.

Whitehall Police Department

July 15

6:22 p.m. Officers received a call from a 23-year-old man requesting a psychological evaluation of his 24-year-old girlfriend at 5 Maple St. When the officer arrived, the woman came outside and told the officer that the 23-year-old grabbed her arm but didn’t want to file any charges and that he was intoxicated. The 23-year-old came outside and began yelling at the officer asking why he was there. The officer told him he was responding to the call he made and was trying to resolve the situation, but the man told the officer he needed a warrant to be on his property. The officer asked if the 23-year-old wanted to talk about anything, but the man remained uncooperative, and the 24-year-old woman said she would leave to defuse the situation.

July 16

10:35 a.m. A 63-year-old woman called to report that her neighbor’s friend was riding a four-wheeler on her property at 88 S. Williams St. The responding officer checked the points between the woman’s property and her neighbor’s and observed four-wheeler tracks about 30 feet onto the woman’s property.

2:48 p.m. A 38-year-old man called to report that his leaf blower, weed whacker and gas cans had been stolen from his property at 19 Rock Ave. The items were seen by police at a 29-year-old man’s residence who told police he had taken them because he thought the residence was abandoned. The 38-year-old recovered his items and didn’t press any charges.

7:19 p.m. Police responded to 127 Broadway for a disturbance called in by a 51-year-old man. The man told dispatchers police should get to the location before someone got hurt and there were physical altercations going on. He said the incident started over road rage that happened five minutes prior and was handled by New York State Police. The man was picking up his girlfriend at the location when a 24-year-old man came up and started to yell at him and made him become irate. He said he confronted the man and a 49-year-old woman with him, and the woman slapped him on the left side of his neck. The man did not wish to press charges. The woman told the officer the 51-year-old was approaching the 24-year-old which made the woman mad, and she hit him. The officer told the woman she could have been arrested for her actions and police provided the 51-year-old with a ride to 224 Hills Pond Rd.

8:11 p.m. Police dispatched to 9 Mccotter St. for a water main break. Patrols updated the village DPW about the incident and stayed on scene until DPW members arrived.

8:46 p.m.

Farm equipment was on fire at the intersection of State Route 22 and North Street. Patrols noticed a large column of black smoke, and it was confirmed to be a hay baler fire. The 43-year-old driver said a hot bearing caused the blaze. The Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department extinguished the fire without incident, and Dudley’s Towing was called to transport the baler back to the driver’s yard.

July 18

1:20 p.m. A woman reported she hired a 60-year-old man months ago to do work at a residence, and the work had not yet been completed. The woman stated that on July 18 she went to the man’s residence at 7 Elizabeth St. to speak to him, and he closed his door when he saw it was her and refused to speak with her. She requested that patrols respond to the man’s residence and mediate the situation. The officer recommended that she come to the police station to discuss the matter, but the woman said that she was not leaving his residence until police charged him with theft of services. The officer suggested she called the Washington County Sheriff’s Office or New York State Police.

6:30 p.m. A 45-year-old man reported an older style red Fiero doing donuts on both his lawn and his neighbor’s lawn. When the man confronted the operator of the vehicle, he did a burnout in front of his residence. The man was able only to identify a New York State license plate but not any numbers or letters. The officer checked the area but did not locate the vehicle.

8:59 p.m. Officers were dispatched to 13 Potter St. for a prior verbal abuse complaint between a 37-year-old woman and her 40-year-old husband. She said her husband became upset and broke his phone in front of his daughter. The woman said she didn’t want to press charges against him for breaking the phone and would like to have him removed from the residence for the night. The woman said the verbal disagreement had been going on for a couple of days and while the officer was speaking with the woman the man came in and said he was leaving for the evening to go to her mother’s house in South Glens Falls. Patrols advised the man not to leave until he was free to go, and he agreed to wait. When the man was interviewed, he stated that disagreement between him and his wife was about $3,000 missing from their account.

July 19

12:10 p.m. An anonymous caller reported two people arguing at 118 Broadway. When officers arrived, all was quiet and they met with a 24-year-old man and 22-year-old woman on the back porch. Both said the woman had yelled at the man outside so as not to be arguing in front of their child. The woman wanted to go to work, and the man was waiting to go and pick up relatives. After speaking with both, the woman went to work, and the man stayed home with the child.

10:46 p.m. Officers were dispatched to 180 Broadway at the Dollar General for an alarm. A 37-year-old woman stated that the alarm was probably set off by her because her boss gave her a new security code. The woman looked inside the store from the outside and saw that a balloon was floating around and that I likely had triggered the motion alarm. The balloon was secured, and the alarm was reset.

July 20

12:50 p.m. Officers responded to Stewart’s for a fire alarm from the gas pumps. It was determined that the fuel suppression system had self-initiated causing the alarm to go off. Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company was on scene and took over the cleanup.

6:30 p.m. An officer was dispatched to 128 S. Williams St. for a fireworks complaint. When officers arrived there was no one outside. A 36-year-old man came out of his apartment and spoke to the officer and said he was not setting off fireworks and had just returned from Lake Bomoseen. The officer looked in the immediate area and saw no signs of fireworks being lit in the yard or driveway and did not hear fireworks in the village through the remainder of his shift.

8 p.m. Officers were dispatched to 127 Broadway for harassment complaints. Officers found a 24-year-old man standing outside his residence. He said a 48-year-old woman drove to the house, exited her vehicle and poked him in the chest multiple times while yelling at him about ongoing disputes between multiple parties who live on Broadway. Then she left. While the officer was speaking with the man, the woman pulled up on the opposite side of the road. He said that he believed she was possibly driving while intoxicated. The officer spoke to the woman and was unable to detect any odor or any sign of intoxication. The man declined prosecution and wanted the incident documented and for officers to tell the woman to leave him alone.

July 21

12:52 p.m. An officer was dispatched to 4 Main St. for a domestic dispute. Officers spoke with a 37-year-old man who was outside and had video on his cell phone that confirmed he did not lock a 35-year-old woman in their bedroom. The officer interviewed the woman, and she decided that she would sign a deposition. The officer was at the residence earlier that day and the woman did not want to sign a deposition. She advised that she was going to Washington County Family Court and apply for a protection order. She signed and the paperwork was relayed to a judge, who issued a criminal summons and stay-away order of protection. The officer issued the man the order of protection and a criminal summons, but the man was uncooperative and did not sign the order of protection. He was due back in court on July 25.

July 21

12:30 p.m. An officer was dispatched to 29 Queen St. for civil complaint and interviewed a 41-year-old man who said he moved out of the residence and wanted to get his belongings. The man said he could not find his erectile dysfunction medication and he wanted to sign a statement to have a 40-year-old woman arrested for stealing his medication. The responding officer interviewed the woman, and she said she did not steal or take his medication. The man said he did not have any evidence or information about who had stolen his medication, and the officer told both parties that the woman would not be arrested for stealing his medication.

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New York State Police

July 16

2:45 p.m. Forrest J. Clairmont, 73, of Hartford was arrested for menacing in the second degree with a weapon, a class A misdemeanor. He was released on his own recognizance.

July 18

8:45 p.m. Janie L. Fusco, 25, of Fort Ann was arrested in Clifton Park for petit larceny, a class A misdemeanor. She was issued an appearance ticket.

July 20

8:30 a.m. Charles B. Petzold, 46, of Hudson Falls was arrested for possession of a sexual performance by a child, a class E felony. He was issued an appearance ticket.

July 21

8:15 p.m. William A. Ellsworth, 67, of Fort Ann was arrested in Queensbury for petit larceny, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Vermont State Police

July 18

12:02 a.m. Vermont State Police conducted a motor vehicle stop on Woodstock Avenue in the City of Rutland. During the stop, a passenger in the vehicle was identified as Brian Bailey-Clark, 32, of Rutland City. Bailey-Clark was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest, was taken into custody and found to be in possession of suspected heroin. Bailey-Clark was transported for processing before being lodged at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility for lack of $1,000 bail on the warrant. Another passenger in the vehicle was identified as Nicholas Henning, 42, of Rutland City. Henning also had an outstanding warrant and was cited and released per the warrant.

7 p.m. Vermont State Police received a report of a vehicle that was failing to maintain its lane of travel on Route 7 in Danby. Troopers located the vehicle parked at White’s Fuel in Danby. Several indicators of impairment were observed while troopers interacted with the operator, Michael Neily, 35, of Erin, New York. He was screened for impairment and subsequently taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence of a substance other than alcohol. Neily was processed before ultimately being released on a criminal citation to answer to the charge at a later date.

7:06 p.m. Vermont State Police were dispatched to an active family fight at a residence on Dusty Hollow Road in the Town of Dorset. Investigation revealed that Avery C. Ellsworth, 36, of Dorset physically assaulted a 35-year-old family member and after doing so took their phone to prevent them from calling 911 for help. Ellsworth was placed under arrest and transported for processing. Ellsworth was issued conditions of release that ordered him to appear in the Bennington Superior Court, Criminal Division, at a later date to answer to the charge of aggravated domestic assault in the first degree and interference with access to emergency services.

July 19

8:03 a.m. Vermont State Police responded to the report of a single tractor trailer crash on Vermont Route 22A north of Coates Hill Road in the Town of Benson. Through investigation it was determined that the 2019 International truck being driven by Timothy Glenn, 47, of Manahawkin, New Jersey, was traveling south on Vermont Route 22A when it drove off the right side of the paved roadway surface into a low-lying ditch. The truck struck trees along the roadside. No injuries were reported. Vermont State Police were assisted by members of Benson Fire Department, Vermont Agency of Transportation and the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement & Safety Division.

9:02 a.m. Vermont State Police stopped Joshua Enzensperger, 44, of Arlington on Vermont Route 313 East in Arlington on suspicion of driving with a criminally suspended license. He was cited to appear at Bennington County Court at a later date.

4:40 p.m. Vermont State Police responded to an all-terrain vehicle crash with serious bodily injury on Dorset Hill Road in the Town of Dorset. Upon arrival, troopers observed an ATV had crashed and caused a rib injury to the 17-year-old the operator and serious bodily injury to the 17-year-old passenger. It was discovered the ATV was traveling down Dorset Hill Road around a slight turn left toward Morse Hill Road. Troopers observed roadway evidence that showed where the ATV began to lose control and fishtail. The driver advised police that they had lost control of the ATV as it was fishtailing before the ATV eventually flipped onto the passenger side. The ATV slid before it stopped, trapping the passenger’s arm, which was broken. The driver, who suffered rib injury and bruising on the upper body, was transported by Arlington Rescue Squad and the passenger was transported by Northshire Rescue Squad to Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. Troopers determined the roadway condition with the gravel/dirt surface and the excessive speed around the slight curve left in the roadway caused the ATV to lose control. The downhill slope of the road caused the ATV to flip and land on its passenger side before sliding to a position of rest. Both juveniles wore their seatbelts and protective headgear, preventing further injury. Vermont State Police were assisted by Arlington Rescue Squad, Northshire Rescue Squad and East Dorset Fire Department. Vermont civil violation complaints are pending.

6:11 p.m. Vermont State Police were advised of a motor vehicle-bicycle crash on East Arlington Road near Jasper Lane in the Town of Arlington. Initial investigation revealed that the operator of the motor vehicle, David Guetti, 45, of Arlington was traveling northbound on East Arlington Road when a 13-year-old bicyclist rode into the roadway from Jasper Lane without stopping for oncoming traffic. The juvenile collided with Guetti’s vehicle, resulting in significant injuries to the juvenile, who was airlifted to Albany Medical Center Hospital. The investigation was ongoing.

July 20

10:45 a.m. Vermont State Police responded to a disturbance at a residence on Laver Road in the Town of Arlington. Upon arrival, Troopers learned that Beverly Bice, 41, of Arlington, and Martin Price, 20, of Arlington, physically assaulted each other, causing physical pain to each other. Based on the totality of circumstances, Bice and Price were both released on citations to answer the charge of simple assault at a later date.

July 22

2:46 a.m. Vermont State Police were notified of a domestic disturbance on U.S. Route 4 in the Town of Mendon. Through investigation it was determined that transient Khry Walker, 30, caused pain or injury to a family or household member and damaged property. Walker was located later in the day by Rutland City Police Department, taken into custody, transported to the Rutland State Police Barracks for processing and later transported to Vermont Superior Court Rutland Criminal Division for arraignment.

11:51 a.m. Vermont State Police responded to a reported two-vehicle crash with powerlines down on Middle Road in the Town of Clarendon. The crash was determined to be a single-vehicle crash into a powerline pole. The operator, identified as Padriagh Miner, 20, of Rutland, and his two passengers were transported by Regional Ambulance Service to the Rutland Regional Medical Center. Initial investigation revealed Miner was driving northbound on Middle Road when he crossed the center line and then back over the center line and off the east side of the roadway into a powerline pole. Speed was a contributing factor to the crash. Miner was released with a citation to appear at Vermont Superior Court, Rutland Criminal Division at a later date to answer to the offense of negligent operation.

7:42 p.m. Vermont State Police responded to a single-vehicle crash on Cold River Road near Windy Lane in the Town of North Clarendon. Through investigation it was determined that Robert Harrington, 62 of Rutland Town was traveling northbound on Cold River Road when he attempted to pass a vehicle while navigating a curve. Another vehicle was approaching in the southbound lane and Harrington swerved to avoid striking it, causing him to lose control of his Lincoln Town Car, exit the roadway and strike a tree. Harrington was transferred to Rutland Regional Medical Center where he ultimately died from injuries sustained during the crash.

July 24

12:35 p.m. Vermont State Police were notified of a man in possession of four Milwaukee nail guns with the security tags still on them at the Home Depot in Rutland Town. Through investigation, it was determined that Shane Woodard, 47, of Burlington took items and left the store without paying for them. Troopers recovered four boxes of power tools with a combined value of $1,316. Woodard was released with a criminal citation to appear in Vermont Superior Court, Rutland Criminal Division, at a later date.

Jeffrey S. Austin

Salem man arrested for falsifying business records

On Friday, July 22, at 10 a.m. in Hebron, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jeffrey S. Austin, 54, of Salem for falsifying business records in the first degree, a class E felony, and criminal contempt in the second degree, a class A misdemeanor, after an investigation conducted by the sheriff’s office.

It is alleged that Austin attempted to purchase a firearm and filed paperwork with the firearms dealer while having an active order of protection against him. He provided incorrect information as part of an application to purchase the firearm.

Austin was released on an appearance ticket to appear in the Town of Hebron court at a later date.

State Police investigate suspicious house fire in Greenwich

On Wednesday, July 20, at about 10:56 p.m. New York State Police from Greenwich responded to a residential fire located at 912 County Route 77 in Greenwich, New York.

Four children and two adults were in the house at the time of the fire. All of the occupants made it out of the residence, with one adult sustaining what are believed to be non-life threatening injuries. That adult was flown to Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, Vermont for treatment.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the fire is suspicious in nature. Its cause is still under investigation at this time. State Police are being assisted by the Washington County Bureau of Fire and New York State Fire.

Anyone with information involving this case is asked to email [email protected]

Todd Slade

Poultney man arrested as fugitive from justice

On Friday, July 15, at 11:30 a.m., the Washington County Sheriff’s Office arrested Todd Slade, 48, of Poultney, Vermont as a fugitive from justice.

Slade was found on County Route 18 in the Town of Hampton and is a wanted person in the states of Vermont and Colorado.

He is wanted in the State of Vermont for multiple charges including an assault-aggravated domestic charge and a violation of abuse order, both felonies.

Warrants from the State of Colorado include multiple charges, including sexual contact without consent.

Slade was arraigned in centralized arraignment and was being held for extradition to the State of Vermont.

Assisting agencies included Manchester Police Department, Vermont.