School board reorganizes, puts emphasis on ‘continuity’

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Granville Board of Education president Audrey Hicks. Photo courtesy of NYVTmedia Staff Files.

The annual Granville Board of Education reorganizational meeting took place on July 5 and maintained several consistencies from last year.

Following the swearing in of victorious May election board members Kimberly Bascom (two-year term), Audrey Hicks (one-year term), Daniel Nelson, Mario Torres and Ed Vladyka (three-year terms), Hicks was unanimously approved by her fellow board members to continue as board president following a nomination from Shirley Kunen.

Kunen was then nominated by Michele O’Brien and unanimously approved to continue serving as board vice president.

The nine board members (excluding Connor Hoagland who was absent) also picked what standing committees they wanted to serve on for the next school year.

The nine committees include building/strategic planning, policy, audit, personnel, curriculum/athletics/extra curriculars, CSE, GAA negotiation team, GTA negotiation team and GSSA negotiation team.

The board agreed to maintain a general sense of continuity by keeping the chairs of each committee consistent for the new year while also giving board members a chance to be on a committee they are passionate about.

“What we try to do is to have, there are two things. To pick chairs ahead of time, we have to have either me or Shirley on each committee, or both. And then, what we try to do, and looking at the old committees that didn’t necessarily happen, is to try and have the class of your next election year equally represented,” Hicks said. “Everybody should be on at least three committees, or possibly four with the exception of myself and Shirley.”

Statutory requirements involving previously passed policy and Code of Ethics material were carried over into the new school year, as well as the establishment of a $0.625 per mile mileage rate for the use of privately owned cars on district business.

Additionally, all substitutes previously approved by the board, including clerical, food service, custodial, teaching assistants, monitors, tutors, nurses and bus drivers, were reappointed to the substitute list for the 2022-2023 school year.