74 Granville graduates praised

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Members of the Granville Central School Class of 2022 toss their graduation caps into the sky following their commencement on June 24.

The graduation caps soared high into the warm summer sky on June 24 when the Granville High School Class of 2022 completed its commencement ceremony in front of family, friends and school staff.

The 74 graduates endured an unusual four years of high school with their late-sophomore and full-junior years conducted remotely over Google Meet because of Covid-19 restrictions.

The graduation cap toss for the Granville Class of 2022 on June 24.

In her final address to the graduating class, departing principal Lisa Meade delivered a heartfelt speech commemorating the “incredible” accomplishments of the young adults and their journeys to come after earning the respect of the district and their peers through hard work and determination.

“If I could leave you with one piece of advice, it would be this: Know your worth,” Meade said. “You be you. The sooner you learn that, the better your road in life will be. Congratulations to every single member of the class of 2022.”

Salutatorian Alexa Weaver and valedictorian Bailey Phillips mentioned cherishing the “minor events” that painted a bigger picture in everyone’s future and making the most out of every opportunity, whether it was ideal or not.

Retired Granville educator and former assistant principal Daniel Poucher received a large ovation from the attendees before presenting the graduating class one-by-one.

Superintendent Tom McGurl recognized the adversity and challenges the graduates and their families overcame in his speech.

“The members of the Granville class of 2022 have time and again proven themselves to be scholars, athletes, artists and musicians. Over the years we have watched these students grow academically and emotionally. They have challenged themselves through rigorous coursework, extracurricular activities and in competitive endeavors,” McGurl said.

“They have found both success and failure, each equally important contributions to their overall development and growth. The joys that come with success and the lessons learned from failures provide the foundation, humility, character, perseverance and resilience. All incredibly important attributes that will serve you well in your future.

“Parents, you have assisted your children along at times that may have seen like an endless road. I’d like to thank you for your efforts and a job well done. You should be proud not only for your children, but also for what you have accomplished in getting them to today.”

Following a lengthy list of awards read by Meade, McGurl announced the Beverly Tatko and Sam Eppolito athletic award recipients. Nathan Rathbun and Hannah Ingleston received the Tatko award and Rachel Beaver and Connor Farrell took home the Eppolito award after being nominated by all Granville coaches for qualities of leadership, perseverance and dedication.

Granville Board of Education president Audrey Hicks said in her speech she wanted to switch up her typical format at commencement because of the unique experience the graduates traveled through in their time at Granville.

Using a selection of quotes by inspirational and high-achieving world leaders throughout history, Hicks included a quote by President Thomas Jefferson that she felt was vital for the graduates sitting in front of her to hear before continuing their path of life post-high school:

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”