Board praises community beautification efforts

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Town board member Stephanie Safka donated plants to be planted at the Skenesborough Museum by community member Denise Rodriguez. (Photo by Caton Deuso)
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The Whitehall Town Board has expressed its gratitude to community members who have been stepping up to the plate in helping with beautifying the community in the wake of the well-attended Heart of Whitehall Festival and Fireworks on June 11.

“I took a ride through the countryside and on Saturday at about 10 in the morning, both golf courses were full, the Rec Center was full, out at the Elks baseball field, the park was full at about 10 after 11, and the boat launch was full,” said supervisor John Rozell.

“There’s more to do in little old Whitehall, if somebody wants to get involved and do something and it’s a pleasure to see.”

Rozell and the rest of the board were asked by Whitehall Chamber of Commerce members at the May monthly meeting to help with cleaning the park before the festival, which Rozell was quick to start working on. All items on the list such as checking the electricity of the park, painting picnic benches, planting flowers and more was completed.

“They made more money on donations than they would have (by charging) people admission because the event was listed somewhere online for free,” he said.

Another compliment made on behalf of the board by Rozell was the work done by community member Denise Rodriguez. Rodriguez is new to the community and has spent not only time but her own money on planting flowers throughout Whitehall.

“The town board, I think we can speak for all of us, is very thankful for the upgrades she has added to the park and town of Whitehall,” he said.

Another topic discussed at the meeting was the opening of the Skenesborough Museum. The opening date had been set for June 25, but the museum was open for the festival, cleaned and all. Rozell met with Whitehall Historical Society president Bob Mowat and discussed the increased use of social media by the organization as well as the advances made by the organization.

“They were scheduled to clean the museum at the end of the month, and they did it on June 4. The Historical Society themselves cleaned it spic and span within three hours. On June 10 they had 37 fourth-graders and a new volunteer that took half of the group with Mr. Mowat and he’s excited about the knowledge the new volunteer has about the area,” he said.

For months the town board has talked about the importance of the museum being open to the community. Member Stephanie Safka has called the museum an asset to the community and believes it should be open more often for those who stop into Whitehall on their way through town.

“Having that building closed is like having a single thorn in my side,” she said at the May meeting.

Safka donated flowers which have been planted around Skenesborough Park and near the museum.