Police Beat, June 9, 2022

Editor’s note: An arrest or a charge is not a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.

Granville Police Department

May 29

3:37 p.m. Officers were called to Mettowee River Park for a dog attack. Witnesses reported two dogs owned by a 75-year-old woman attacked a cat and its owner. A witness reported the cat owner to be walking the cat on a leash through the park when the woman’s vehicle pulled in and she let the dogs out to be walked off-leash. The dogs ran past the cat and cat owner at first, but then circled back and attacked. The witnesses helped pull the dogs off the cat and its owner and the owner ran home to immediately bring it to the vet as they were both very bloody from the attack and the officer was not able to interview them. The officer spoke with the dogs’ owner who said they had never done anything like that before and they usually were fine on unleashed walks in the park.

May 31

5:43 p.m. Officers responded to Cumberland Farms on Quaker Street for a possible shoplifting complaint. The store employees and manager wanted a 19-year-old man banned from the store with a trespass notice. Officers located the man and told him about the trespassing notice that would be signed by Cumberland Farms if he were to return. The man denied the larceny from the prior evening but said it was ironic since he had not been guilty that night but had stolen M&Ms in the past.

7:08 p.m. A group of youths was reported to be shooting pellet guns near 21 Irving St. Officers responded and located three people shooting at targets with airsoft guns. The officer spoke with them about the danger of shooting when surrounded by neighboring homes and the potential to damage other people’s property and they agreed to relocate.

June 2

1:40 a.m Officers responded to the reports of people at the end of the Little League field. When officers arrived, they found two juveniles at the end of the park by the river. The girls originally ran into the woods but returned when they heard it was the police. Two of the girls appeared to be in an intoxicated state. Officers located their legal guardians and safely delivered them home. All of them reported sneaking out of their respected residence and five cans of Twisted Tea were confiscated for destruction.

June 2

7:50 p.m. Police responded to a call at 6 South Maple St. from a 34-year-old woman on the floor with an unknown life status. When the officers arrived, they spoke with a child outside who said his mother was upstairs and he did not know if she was breathing. Officers went upstairs and found a 38-year-old man doing CPR on the woman. The man said she may have consumed pills such as Xanax, and Narcan was administered. The woman almost immediately started showing signs she was breathing. EMS arrived on the scene and took over. The man then said she could have been using methamphetamines. EMS detected a pulse, administered a second dose of Narcan, and loaded the woman to be transported to Glens Falls Hospital. In a follow-up interview with the child, he said he had spoken to his mom before he went to the gym at 5 p.m. and everything was fine at that point. He said he was sleeping when his mom started to have the medical emergency and said nothing else remained in the residence of health concern. EMS confirmed that the woman was breathing and showing signs of regaining consciousness before leaving for the hospital.

Whitehall Police Department

May 27

6:30 a.m. Officers were dispatched to 56 Champlain Ave. for an animal complaint where a caller stated that there was a black bear in her yard. Officers located the black bear in the side yard and scared it off without incident. Officers advised the woman she needed to bring her bird feeders and trash in, so the bears don’t come back.

8:53 p.m. Officers were called to 114 North Williams St. for reports of prior harassment between two men, ages 56 and 30. Officers spoke with the 56-year-old man on the scene as the 30-year-old had fled on foot for 102 Broadway Ave. The 56-year-old said the other man had become too competitive while playing a game of cornhole and was giving his girlfriend a hard time for not playing well. The man said both parties were intoxicated and did not want charges filed against the 30-year-old. While the officer was speaking with the man, dispatch advised the 30-year-old was on his way back to 114 North Williams St. to fight with the man. The 30-year-old arrived five minutes later and was de-escalated by an officer, and the 56-year-old requested him to be removed from the property for the night even though the man had been living with him for 6-8 weeks. The 30-year-old spoke with the officers and agreed to stay the night at his father’s house and was transported by police to 102 Broadway Ave.

11:30 p.m. Officers were called to 62 Main St. to speak with a 52-year-old woman who needed to report unauthorized use of her car by a 42-year-old man. The woman said she had been at work and her car was missing when she returned home, and the man was the only person home when the car went missing. She said she only wanted her car back and wasn’t looking to press charges. The car was returned on May 28 at an unknown time and the woman insisted that nothing be done about it.

May 28

5:13 p.m. A 38-year-old-man reported the theft of his string trimmer and lawn mower. When officers arrived at 19 Rock Ave. the man said he left the equipment overnight at the property he just purchased and when he returned the tools were missing and the lawn had been mowed. A man in a white truck pulled up with a trailer and said he had the tools. He grabbed them for safe keeping until the owner could be located. The man works at the bank that is in the process of selling the property to the man. The tools were returned with no incident.

May 31

10:04 p.m Officers interviewed a 41-year-old man about a disturbance at 87 West St. The man said a 25-year-old man locked the front door, which restricts him from his residence and the panel box located in the front entryway. The 41-year-old man said he could have accessed the panel box from a different doorway, but he did not want to because his dogs would have gotten loose inside the residence and caused a bigger problem. He wanted officers to advise. The 25-year-old man and the 39-year-old woman of the other residence were asked to leave the front door unlocked so he can access the panel box at any time without incident since both panel boxes keep tripping breakers which causes him to lose power in the kitchen. After the officers spoke with the other two occupants, they agreed to a plan that works for both parties.

June 2

5:21 a.m. Officers were called to 62 Main St. for a reported disturbance. A 52-year-old woman had called to report an unknown man had come into the cigar lounge and was pounding on the front window. A 43-year-old man was on the scene as well and said a man with tattoos started banging on the window saying they were too loud and that the 43-year-old drinks all day. The 43-year-old said he thought it might be an upstairs tenant and has never had issues with anyone before. The man or woman couldn’t locate where the man might have come from, and officers told them to contact the police if it happened again.

New York State Police

May 27

5:07 p.m. Jacob A. Mallory, 32, of Hudson Falls was arrested in Queensbury for unlawfully dealing with a child in the first degree, specifically providing alcohol, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

May 29

10:13 p.m. Leo A. Bates, 60, of Bennington, Vermont, was arrested in Hoosick for DWI, first offense, and aggravated DWI, per se with no prior, both class U misdemeanors. He was issued an appearance ticket.

May 30

2:45 a.m. Rachel L. Darby, 37, of Sunderland, Vermont, was arrested in Jackson for operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08%, first offense, and DWI, first offense, both class U misdemeanors.

May 31

2:14 p.m. Qaleh E. Sorrell, 35, of Albany was arrested in Granville for introducing contraband into prison in the second degree, a class A misdemeanor. She was issued an appearance ticket.

5:50 p.m. Kayla D. Serviss, 24, of Argyle was arrested for criminal mischief in the third degree, specifically damaging property valued at more than $250, a class E felony. She was issued an appearance ticket.

June 1

7:08 p.m. Mitchell T. Heym, 25, of Hudson Falls was arrested for criminal mischief in the fourth degree, a class A misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

June 2

10:11 a.m. Orlando J. Millington, 20, of Poultney, Vermont, was arrested in Whitehall for assault in the third degree, a class A misdemeanor. He was being held.

10:47 p.m. Charles A. Vanguilder, 53, of Granville was arrested for criminal contempt in the first degree, a class E felony. He was being held.

Vermont State Police

May 19

1:34 a.m.

Vermont State Police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at the Cortina Inn in the Town of Rutland. Troopers found Logan Galante, 20, of West Rutland to be in violation of his court-ordered conditions by contacting a prohibited person. Galante was issued a citation to appear at Rutland Superior Court, Criminal Division, at a later date.

May 25

12:17 a.m.

Vermont State Police conducted a motor vehicle stop on U.S. Route 7 near the intersection with Cady Road in the Town of Middlebury after observing a motor vehicle violation. The operator was identified as Jordan Lumsden, 26, of Rutland. While speaking with Lumsden, troopers detected signs of impairment. Lumsden refused to be screened and subsequently was placed under arrest. He was transported to the New Haven barracks for processing, where he refused to provide a sample of his breath. At the conclusion of processing, Lumsden was released with a citation to appear in Addison Superior Court, Criminal Division, at a later date.

May 27

5:13 p.m.

Vermont State Police responded to a report of a retail theft at the Tractor Supply Company in the Town of Rutland. Through investigation, troopers found Michael Shively, 33, a transient, to have committed the offense of retail theft. Shively was issued a citation to appear at Rutland Superior Court, Criminal Division, at a later date.

May 28

1:15 a.m.

Vermont State Police were notified of an assault at the Cortina Inn in the Town of Rutland. Through investigation, it was determined that Tonyia Connors, 52, of Rutland Town struck Lisa Amico, 45, also of Rutland Town, causing pain and/or injury. Connors was issued a citation to appear at Rutland Superior Court, Criminal Division, at a later date.

May 30

3 p.m.

Vermont State Police responded to a reported retail theft at the Hannaford Supermarket in the Town of Rutland. Upon arrival, the female reported to have been taking items from the store had fled the store in the direction of the Cortina Inn in the Town of Rutland. Troopers located the female, identified as Anna Karhu, 24, of Rutland, and issued her a citation to appear at Rutland Superior Court, Criminal Division, at a later date to answer to the charge of retail theft.

May 31

9:42 p.m.

Vermont State Police were dispatched to a reported two-car crash on East Wells Road in the Town of Wells. Investigation revealed that Lyndsey Reed, 20, of Poultney, driving a 2010 Mazda3, was traveling east when her car crossed the center line and collided with a 2018 Toyota Rav4 being driven by Layla Rostamnezhad, 38, of Wells as it traveled west. Further investigation led to Reed being arrested and processed for DUI while at the Rutland Regional Medical Center and released into care with a citation to appear in court at a later date. Both vehicles were totaled and both drivers suffered non-life-threatening injuries treated at Rutland Regional Medical Center.

June 2

12:28 a.m. Vermont State Police stopped a vehicle for an observed violation on North Grove Street near Pinnacle Ridge in Rutland. Troopers identified the operator of the vehicle as Maranda Smith, 20, of Proctor. During the investigation, Smith showed signs of impairment and was screened for driving under the influence. Smith subsequently was taken into custody and transported to the Rutland barracks for processing. Smith was released to a sober adult.

June 4

8:20 p.m. Vermont State Police received a report of a vehicle that was failing to maintain its lane on Route 100 in Pittsfield. Troopers were able to stop the vehicle for an observed motor vehicle infraction. Upon speaking with the operator, Kyle Buckley, 24, of Killington, troopers observed signs of impairment, and Buckley was administered standardized field sobriety tests roadside. At the completion of the tests, Buckley was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was transported to the Rutland barracks for processing and later released on a criminal citation to appear in Rutland Superior Court, Criminal Division, to answer to the charge.