Washington County real estate transactions, May 24-June 1

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7 Stage Rd., Cambridge, was built in 1885 and has been nicely maintained. This three-bedroom, two-bath, 1,948-square-foot house on 3.2 acres recently sold for $314,900.

Recorded May 24

Christopher E.F. Cook sold 11 Madison St., Granville, to Jessica White and Dillon Condon for $158,875.

David E. Mueller and Estrellita Anne Mueller sold 38 E. Main St., Granville, to Juan Velazquez and Maria G. Velazquez for $260,000,

Michael Bardin sold 1180 Burgoyne Ave., Fort Edward, to Amy L. Burns and Daniel R. Burns for $225,000.

Pamela Babson, Esq. and Referee, and Sophies Choices LLC sold 101 Main St. Greenwich, to 101 Rue Principale LLC for $113,508.

Peter M. Zayachek sold 5106 County Route 30, Hartford, to Ryan Holcomb and Valerie Holcomb for $32,000.

1854 Sanford Ridge Rd. in Kingsbury, a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired four-bedroom, two-bath, 2,609-square-foot home set on a private 2.4-acre lot and surrounded by a beautiful stone wall recently sold for $405,000.

Staci Marie Brennan sold 1854 Sanford Ridge Rd., Kingsbury, to David Wayne Dunn and Carolyn M. Dunn for $405,000.

Rose Austin I, trustee for the Richard Illsley and Anna Illsley Revocable Living Trust, sold 32 Manor Lane, Hampton, to David Westfall and Patricia Westfall for $118,000.

Christian Brett sold 63 Morgans Lane, Fort Ann, to Roseanne Tucker for $220,000.

Steven B. Johannesen, Robert J. Johannesen and David M. Johannesen sold 3004 Our Way, Putnam, to Edward J. Manolt and Anita R. Manolt for $560,000.

Arnold E. Perry sold 491 County Route 68, White Creek, to Oliver Perry and James Perry for $20,000.

George R. Sandquist Jr. and Crystal D. Sandquist sold 43 Bobcat Way, White Creek, to Jamie Alexander and Henry Clark Jr. for $32,000.

Karin Wilbur sold 140 Main St., Greenwich, to Caleb J. Short for $108,020.

22 Gillespie Rd., Granville, a three-bedroom, one-bath, 1,449-square-foot home on 5.31 acres recently sold for $165,000.

Recorded May 25

Robert Lapointe sold 3395 State Route 196, Hartford, to Daniel W. Tigar for $149,900.

JJ and J FE Holdings LLC sold 15 Chestnut, Fort Edward, to Kimberly Ann Bovair for $133,900.

Elizabeth O’Rourke sold 11 Feeder St., Kingsbury, to Three88 LLC for $85,000.

Charles H. Godfrey Jr., executor for Robert M. Godfrey, deceased, sold 10129 State Route 149, Fort Ann, to Peter Saville, Russell Saville and Northwoods Land Development LLC for $44,750.

Peter Saville, Russell Saville and Northwoods Land Development LLC sold 10129 State Route 149, Fort Ann, to Michelle D. Smith for $110,000.

Brian Mathis and Moriah Mathis sold 73 John St., Kingsbury, to 73 John Street Apts LLC for $60,000.

Wayne H. Edsforth and Maureen M. Edsforth sold 118 Main St., Greenwich, to Battenkill Motors LLC for $30,000.

Michael Flores and Tammie Flores sold 5 Mechanic St., Kingsbury, to Michael Flores for $55,000.

Tara Colvin sold 1673 State Route 4, Fort Edward, to Dakota Cogburn for $355,000.

Craig A. Weidner sold 22 Gillespie Rd., Granville, to Crystal Scribner and Betty J. Tobin for $165,000.

Tammy A. Pagana, Christopher J. Heil, Elaine L.T. Pagana, Laurie J. Wieland and Carmela F. Pagana sold 4 Satterlee Lane, Fort Edward, to Nicholas Keefer and Autumn Marie Keefer for $142,994.

El Jefe Homestead LLC sold 234 Ray Rd., Greenwich, to Zachary B. Bain and Meghan Maupin Bain for $600,000.

Kristopher C. Finley sold 7 Morgans Lane, Fort Ann, to DJM Property Solutions LLC for $90,000.

Carol M. Conboy, executrix for the Estate of Mary Z. Martin, deceased, sold property located on Old Town Road, Fort Ann, to Carole M. Conboy for $85,801.

Carole M. Conboy, executrix for the Estate of Mary Z. Martin, deceased, sold property located on Butternut Way, Fort Ann, to Kelly A. Smock and Douglass C. Winters, both trustees for the John J. Winters and Kathleen M. Winters Irrevocable Trust, for $89,905.

The former Trinity Episcopal Church in Granville, located at 35 E. Main St., recently sold for $91,000.

Recorded May 26

Craig W. Chapman and Sherry L. Chapman sold 48 Riverside Dr., Granville, to Patrick J. Cram Jr. for $30,000.

Trustees of the Diocese of Albany of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America sold 35 E. Main St., Granville, to Christopher T. Nelson and Meghan L. Niven for $91,000.

Theanda Burgey sold 0 County Route 6, Dresden, to Darrell J. Rockwell and Venita R. Rockwell for $60,000.

Dorothy Labarge, administrator for the Estate of David E. Labarge, deceased, sold 16 Long Pond Rd., Dresden, to Venita R. Rockwell and Darrell J. Rockwell for $340,000.

Recorded May 27

Amjad Mughal sold 19 Rock Ave., Whitehall, to Daniel John Illsley and Sierra Elizabeth Muise for $22,000.

William J. Welborn III and Lesa A. Welborn sold 23 Sloan Dr., Greenwich, to Andrew M. Sharts for $684,000.

Christina Ditullio sold 1269 County Route 24, Granville, to Courtney A. Dennison for $220,000.

Courtney A. Dennison sold 1996 County Route 31, Hebron, to Skyler Marie Baker, Tinalynn Baker and Glenn Baker for $160,000.

Aaron Joseph Pommer and Kelly Pommer sold 9 Orville Way, White Creek, to Courtney Randall and Kayla Bacon for $310,000.

Alberto Mora sold 44 Gilmore St., Whitehall, to Stephanie Lynn Dean for $145,000.

Stephanie D. Bitter, Esq and Referee, and Danielle M. Naylor sold 18 Warren St., Kingsbury, to Freedom Mortgage Corporation for $152,943.25.

Kristin Nelson Darrow, administratrix for the Estate of James C. Darrow Jr., sold 11 Sherman Ave., Greenwich, to Ethan Bliss and Samantha Bliss for $249,500.

REO Home Services LLC sold 2914 State Route 22, Jackson, to Lain E. Zembek and Hannah M. Vandewater for $259,500.

Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company, trustee for the Nannette B. Loffredo Trust and Nannette B. Loffredo, deceased, sold 1 Hudson Place, Kingsbury, to Jill Cardinale and Alexandra D. Grossman for $106,000.

MRCN Properties LLC sold 4316 State Route 4, Kingsbury, to Payne Girard LLC for $849,000.

Melvin J. Wagner and Brigid Daly Wagner sold 7 Stage Rd., Cambridge, to Marc Andrew Lamuniere and Kirsten M. Lamuniere for $314,900.

This stately brick colonial with lots of updates on an oversized lot at 4 Wheeler Ave. in Whitehall recently sold for $174,500.

Recorded May 31

Benjamin J. Schultz and Jill Tefft sold 5 Corliss Ave., Greenwich, to Kurt Danile Schaefer and Alexandra Lin Macy for $215,000.

Mary Elizabeth Rowan, Victoria Rowan and Dora D. Rowen, deceased, sold property located on Aldous Road, Granville, to Roger A. Hayward, Patricia A. Hayward, Ross M. Anderson and Ashley K. Anderson for $25,000.

Alicja Bialasiewicz sold 3 Kennedy Rd., Jackson, to Jonathan R. Denney for $275,000.

Basil Clark Wilkson and Kimberly M. Wilkson sold 9 Corliss Ave., Greenwich, to Rosemary Roberts for $240,000.

Jeffrey M. Cohen and Jodi M. Cohen, co-executors for the Estate of Arlene Cohen and Arthur F. Cohen, deceased, sold property located on Upper Turnpike Road, Granville, to Sage Est Holdings LLC for $195,000.

555 West St., Argyle, a 3-4 bedroom ranch on an acre of land backing up to pasture recently sold for $325,000.

Recorded June 1

Dayle Beshara sold 9 Factory St., Fort Edward, to Ronnie Ryther Jr. for $211,894.

Timothy F. Lang and Gail M. Lang sold 4 Wheeler Ave., Whitehall, to Rachel M. Cain for $174,500.

AB Composting LLC sold 31 Nicholson Ave., Argyle, to William Hayes and Lara Hayes for $325,000.

Marcius Butterfield Life Estate, Elna Butterfield Life Estate and Paul M. Butterfield, trustee for the Elna S. and Marcius R. Butterfield Irrevocable Trust, sold 555 West St., Argyle, to Michelle Rice for $325,000.