Washington County real estate sales, May 5-11

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460-462 Bogtown Rd., a 142-acre parcel in Salem, recently sold for $300,000.
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Recorded May 5

Suzanne M. Eppley sold 1269 James Rd., Hartford, to Aaron Potts and Arlene Raymond for $340,000.

John H. Hollister, Brian D. Hollister and David R. Hollister sold 84 Hollister Rd. and Chapman Rd., Hampton, to Farm de Bateaux LLC for $675,000.

Recorded May 6

John J. Goodman Jr. Esq. and Referee, Noah Project LLC, Choopoons LLC, Mahin Gabayzadeh and Deborah Gabayzadeh sold 5439 State Route 40, Argyle, to WBL SPE III LLC for $600,000.

Patrick M. Kelley Sr. sold 282 and 284 Death Rock Way, Whitehall, to Patrick M. Kelley Sr. and Jarred Mowatt for $10,000.

Helderberg Realty LLC sold Lot 2, County Route 64, Salem, to Marc Alpy and Trisha Alpy for $103,000.

Mary C. Menard and E. Keith Rushinski, deceased, sold 4321 State Route 22, Salem, to Scott Perkins for $5,000.

22 Washington St., Greenwich, is a 1,840-square-foot home with four bedrooms and two full baths in addition to screened-in porches off of both floors. It recently sold for $195,000.

Recorded May 9

Michael W. Henry sold property located off Rabideau Lane South, Kingsbury, to CHPE LLC for $5,000.

Nathan French sold 11 Orsola Ave., Fort Edward, to Anthony Michael Trello for $180,000.

Recorded May 10

Vicky Noyes, executor for Sharon W. Harrington Jr., deceased, sold 11 Driscoll Way, Jackson, to Julia Gates for $95,000.

Richard Sharp, executor for Eleanor Louise Duell, deceased, sold 3412 Burgoyne Ave., Kingsbury, to Lee McCabe and Colin McCabe for $40,000.

Tina A. Purdy sold 3141 State Route 4, Kingsbury, to Emily Argano for $325,000.

3412 Burgoyne Ave., Kingsbury, is on a lot with 0.23 acres located in Hudson Falls and 1.3 acres in Kingsbury. A real-fixer-upper, it recently sold for $40,000.

Recorded May 11

Nicolas E. Mylott and Tammy A. Rosseter sold 22 Washington St., Greenwich, to Matthew Harko and Leslie Kurland for $195,000.

Stephanie Flaherty, executrix for the Estate of Pamela M. Puglisi sold 43 Park Place, Salem, to Penny Persad for $85,000.

Lauryn O’Keefe sold 3970 State Route 30, Hebron, to Moriah Mathis and Brian Mathis for $10,000.

Mackenzie Rouleau sold property located on Perry Hill Road, Salem, to Edith Durham and Benjamin G. Hynes for $21,000.

Elizabeth J. Gallagher sold property located in Kingsbury to Tina A. Purdy for $240,000.

3141 State Route 4 in Kingsbury is a three-bedroom, one-bath ranch on five acres that recently sold for $325,000.

Amy L. Underwood sold 15 Union St., Kingsbury, to Sarah L. Wetherell for $163,800.

Arcangela Bannon sold property located on Clement Road, Fort Ann, to SBHF Property Holdings LLC for $50,000.

Michael Patten and Davy Roberts sold 460-462 Bogtown Rd., Salem, to William Hayes and Lara Hayes for $300,000.

Bruce Mowery sold 10921 State Route 149, Fort Ann, to GF Heating Oil LLC for $75,000.