3 school budgets OK’d, board members elected

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Photo courtesy of Caton Deuso. The setup at Granville Junior/Senior High School for the 2022-2023 Board of Education election and budget vote on May 17.
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May 17 marked the annual election of Boards of Education and the vote on the 2022-23 school budgets for Granville, Hartford and Whitehall Central School Districts.

Hartford superintendent Andy Cook speaks with a Hartford Central School District voter on May 17. Photo by caton Deuso

With a vote of 212-44, Granville voters approved a $28,200,163 budget that allocates funds to hire two substitute teachers in each district building, a kindergarten teacher at Mary J. Tanner School, two special education teachers, a music teacher and a living environment teacher, all at the Junior/Senior High School.

Six candidates, Kimberly Bascom, board president Audrey Hicks, Jeffrey E. McMorris, Daniel Nelson, Mario Torres and Edward Vladyka, vied for five open board seats. The top-three vote-getters, Nelson (188 votes), Vladyka (187 votes), and Torres (182 votes), earned three-year terms while the fourth and fifth place finishers, Bascom (175 votes) and Hicks (160 votes), received a two-year term and a one-year term, respectively.

McMorris received 117 votes.

Hartford school district voters approved a $13,600,000 budget by a vote of 152-37, an $8,360,000 capital project, 126-33, that will bring renovations to multiple classrooms, the auditorium and cafeteria in 2024, and the purchases of one 66-passenger bus and one six-to-eight passenger van at a cost not to exceed $160,000 with a vote of 157-33.

Board president Phillip Jessen, the only candidate on the ballot, was elected to a five-year term on the board, earning 175 votes.

“The Board of Education and district administration is appreciative of the district’s continued support with both the approval of the budget and the capital project,” said Hartford superintendent Andy Cook.

In Whitehall, voters approved the budget of $19,360,485 by a vote of 92-17 and the purchase of one 65-passenger school bus with an estimated maximum cost not to exceed $127,040 by a vote of 95-14.

The setup at Whitehall High school for the Board of Education election and 2022-23 budget vote on May 17. Photo by Caton Deuso.

There were five open board seats in contention with four candidates, Carrianne Arquette, Shannon Newell, Louis Pratt and board president Roxanne Waters, listed on the ballot.

The top two-vote getters, Pratt (94 votes) and Arquette (92 votes), received three-year terms, followed by Newell (86 votes), who earned a two-year term and Waters (81 votes), who earned a one-year term. Jared Mowatt received a one-year term with 30 write-in votes.