Granville-Whitehall football coach ‘excited’

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Photo courtesy of Whitehall CSD. Granville-Whitehall varsity football coach Darin Eggleston.
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The Granville-Whitehall football team is coming together as summer quickly approaches, and head coach Darin Eggleston couldn’t be more enthusiastic.

“I am very excited about how things have been lining up and I know these kids are ready to go and will put in the needed effort to get us ready for fall,” Eggleston said.

At the Granville Board of Education meeting on May 9, superintendent Tom McGurl provided board members with copies of a presentation delivered by Eggleston to players and parents of both school districts on May 5 outlining the summer and fall schedule, expectations and information in regard to a camp that will be held June 20-24.

Photo courtesy of Ashlee Zinn. Granville superintendent Tom McGurl.

“I held a meeting for parents and players this past Thursday,” Eggleston said. “I wanted them to meet me and the coaches – Aaron Pyrzynski, a physical education teacher at Poultney (Vermont) High School and Grant Gebo, a teaching assistant and school support services staff member at Whitehall High School – that we have on board so far and to give them a heads up as far as the schedule of events for our spring and summer workouts/camp,” Eggleston said.

“The meeting went well. I had already held meetings with both Whitehall and Granville kids at school but really wanted to give parents an opportunity to meet us coaches and give them the information.”

McGurl and Eggleston said they are still looking to secure more assistant coaches for varsity and junior varsity. Eggleston said he would “like to have at least four coaches up on junior varsity/varsity.”

“He has calendar dates set for June, July and August to start the preseason practices and camp,” McGurl told the board. “I have asked (Granville athletic director) Justin Nassivera to reach out to him to update the locations of those, when we’re in Granville and when we’re in Whitehall on those dates.”

Eggleston said the camp taking place from June 20 to June 24 from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. will culminate with two scrimmages with Hudson Falls and South Glens Falls at Hudson Falls High School on June 23 and June 24. The times are still to be determined for the scrimmages.

Equipment will be issued and camp will begin on June 20, with the following days consisting of installation of the offensive and defensive playbooks.

The cost for players to participate in the camp is $50 and checks can be made out to “Granville/Whitehall Football.”

Eggleston’s summer schedule is outlined to feature strength and conditioning sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday starting June 6, with a break from June 27 to July 5. Workouts will continue until Aug. 18 and the first official practice is set for Aug. 20.

“We will also be participating in 7-on-7 workouts with Hudson Falls and South Glens Falls this summer,” Eggleston said.

The first game of the year for the Granville-Whitehall football program is on Sept. 2 or 3, hosting Cambridge/Salem.