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Members of the community will be welcome to attend the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce meeting on April 19 at the Railyard Taproom and Restaurant to discuss the chamber’s plans for community events this year.

Board member Cheryl Putorti spoke about the efforts to get reacclimated to the community following the pandemic.

“You don’t have to do everything or be there seven days a week, one day a month or a couple of hours spent at an event is enough to help with the community,” she said.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and serve as a place to share event ideas for Whitehall this coming summer.

The board is seeking new members before their first event on Earth Day weekend, April 23. That Saturday, Putorti is hoping to gather the community to help beautify the community following the winter. She said there is a lot of trash to be collected.

“We have been working with and talking to some people already about the day and cleaning up the boulevard, canal, parks, and more so we are looking for people to help us starting at noon,” she said.

In previous years, Covid-19 put a damper on the number of events put on by the Chamber, but Putorti is looking to have more events within Whitehall this year. Plans are in the works for an eventful spring and summer.

“The chamber has new members and directors, so we are trying to be more involved with the community this year,” she said. “Last year because of Covid, a lot of businesses were closed so we didn’t ask for dues from any members and now we are collecting dues and members should have received their renewal paperwork.”

With the heavy flow of traffic on U.S. Route 4, Putorti said she would like to attract passersby with the Whitehall businesses and landscape. She said it is important to take pride in the town, no matter the circumstances.

“If we as businesspeople or individuals in our community don’t show that we care, why do we expect someone to come to Whitehall and help,” she said.

Some events in the works now are not only the community cleanup day but also Whitehall’s Spring Fling Craft Fair and more. Putorti said that more hands to help with executing the events will be an immense help.

“Barbara Spoor worked on the Spring Fling Craft Fair last year, and it was in May, but this year we are looking at June for it. She is working with different vendors, and we are hoping for June,” she said.

If community members are unable to attend the meeting but still want to help, Cheryl Putorti can be reached at 518-499-1406 with questions. It is $25 to become a Chamber board member and $75 for businesses to be added to the Chamber. Donations can be mailed to PO Box 97, Whitehall, NY 12887.

“All projects take money whether it be in the form of advertising or getting supplies,” she said. ‘So if people are interested in making a donation, they are more than welcome to.”