March’s ‘Good Apple’ is Lilly Strout

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Left to right: Granville Junior Senior High School teaching assistant Heather Meade, Hicks Orchard business development manager David Garvoille, Good Apple Award recipient Lilly Strout, high school principal Lisa Meade and teaching assistant Shelly Sady.
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Granville junior Lilly Strout was selected as the recipient of the “Good Apple Award” for March after displaying stupendous character and determination to better herself and her classmates in multiple avenues.

“It’s really surprising but it’s really nice,” Strout said. “It feels good to know that people notice things, it makes you feel good to know people aren’t saying things just to say things.”

Granville junior senior high school principal Lisa Meade told Strout her name was consistently nominated to receive the monthly award.

“She was nominated 12 times, which is the highest amount of nominations,” Meade said.

The moment was special for both Strout and Hicks Orchard business development manager David Garvoille, who work together on the Orchard. Garvoille said he was thrilled when he found out Strout, a “reliable, straight-shooter,” was nominated for the monthly award.

“Lilly started off in the donut kitchen, she was basically the lead person in the donut kitchen during apple season, trial by fire diving right in working the donut window and handling hundreds and hundreds of transactions in a day,” Garvoille said. “I literally just said, ‘you’re in charge of this’… that’s real-world stuff!”

“It’s really, really nice, he’s a really great guy, always fun,” Strout said. “It means a lot to know that the respect is there and mutual.”

Strout is a three-sport athlete for the Golden Horde where she can be seen playing volleyball, basketball and softball. Although her post-high school plans are undecided, Strout said she does have a passion for writing.

One teacher described Strout as “always smiling and very helpful when asked.”

Teaching assistants Heather Meade and Shelly Sady were proud to be in attendance on April 1 when Strout was presented her award.

“Lilly Strout is a well-rounded student,” Heather Meade said. “She is kind and caring to others around her, Lilly will go out of her way to help others if she can. Lilly is a sweet, caring, determined, competitive and polite student. She is always putting a smile on my face and I see her doing it to other staff and students. Lilly is a model student.”

“Lilly is a smart, kind and general all-around great person,” Sady said. “Smart, hardworking, athletic, helpful, mature and displays outstanding character.”

The “Good Apple Award” was originated in January 2021 by Garvoille to spotlight Granville Junior/Senior High School students who go above and beyond in the classroom and in the community and find ways to uplift those surrounding them.

Each “Good Apple Award” recipient is given a bag of apples, a dozen cider donuts and a gallon of apple cider from the orchard, along with a wooden plaque.

“I think schools are very central to the community, and I don’t know, if you’re not involved with the school, especially in a small town, it’s a staple to the community and to not be engaged with it would just feel hollow to me,” Garvoille said. “I just can’t imagine that.”