Ethan Eggleston named Student of the Month

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Whitehall senior Ethan Eggleston was named Student of the Month for December. The sports-loving student was surprised with the award, saying it wasn’t something he saw coming.

Principal Ethan Burgess spoke highly of Eggleston’s efforts.

“Ethan has been a model student his entire career at WHS. He is a student who can be counted on to do the very best he can and teachers have come to know he is someone they can count on,” he said.

Burgess said Eggleston’s has been “empathetic to his peers” since he was a freshman and has “no doubts he will have this type of awesomeness for many years to come.” Burgess wrote a letter to Eggleston:

“I’ve watched you grow into a young man over the past seven years. I’m impressed by how you have been able to demonstrate true perseverance in a time of great difficulty. It’s not been easy being a student these past few years but you have conquered it all with grace and ease.

“It has been an absolute honor to not only have been your teacher, but to be your principal. June will be here before you know it and you’ll be starting the next phase of your life. There is not a shadow of a doubt that you will build today for the tomorrow you want.”

Here’s what Eggleston had to say about the work he did to earn the award as well as how he’s handled being a student during the pandemic.

Q: What was your class load for the fall semester?

A: It wasn’t too bad, I had like six classes with a decent amount of workload but not terrible.

Q: What class was your favorite? What was your least favorite?

A: Probably pop history because it is so easy going and we just talk about stuff going on in the world right now. My least favorite is probably English 101 because it’s a difficult college class with a lot of work.

Q: How would you describe yourself today in comparison to who you were the first day as a freshman?

 A: Definitely gotten taller lol and just more experienced in school and life.

Q: Can you tell me about your experience being a student during the pandemic? What has your high school experience been like having to rapidly move with the changes of society?

A: It was confusing and strange being virtual at first but after about a week it was fine. It didn’t affect me too much.

Q: What was your your personal experience dealing with the transition from classroom to online learning at the beginning of the pandemic?

A: It didn’t feel right or normal at first not getting up and going to school every day, seeing friends, teachers and everything, but once we got into the virtual learning it wasn’t all that bad.

Q: Was there a specific something that the pandemic taught you? Were there any life experiences that you missed out on?

A: It definitely taught me how quickly your life can change and how all your normal routines can be also changed quickly. No life experiences I really missed besides the time at school and sports.

Q: You seem to be a big football fan. What about the Philadelphia Eagles make them one of your favorite teams? Has football taught you any life lessons?

A: Yes, I am a huge sports fan! In general, every day people see me there’s a good chance I’m watching sports or playing sports. I love to play basketball and baseball and of course, watching my sports teams like the Eagles. When I was growing up, they were the first team I ever watched and I liked everything about their colors and logo so I’ve been a fan to this day.

Q: Was there a specific teacher who inspired you to work hard to be the Student of the Month?

A: Honestly there isn’t really any teacher who inspired me to work hard for this award, it just kind of happened.

Q: Was the award a surprise to you?

A: Yes, it did surprise me because I forgot that they still even did these awards at first. When I found out it was cool but also pretty shocking.

Q: What does the award mean to you? Has it motivated you more to continue what you’re doing?

A: It is definitely a cool award to receive and a good motivation to keep working hard.

Q: What is something you are looking forward to after high school?

A: Wherever I go to college and whatever I decide to do after high school is definitely something to look forward to and stay focused on.

Q: Do you have any specific goals for yourself before graduation?

A: No not really, just making sure I graduate and enjoying playing my sports while I still can.