Washington County real estate sales, Dec. 28, 2021–Jan. 5, 2022

You are currently viewing Washington County real estate sales, Dec. 28, 2021–Jan. 5, 2022
31 Coila Rd. in Cambridge was sold for $384,900.

Recorded Dec. 28, 2021

Jeffrey C. and Kathryn J. Bentley sold 31 Coila Rd., Cambridge, to Kevin and Michelle Vecchione Dupuis for $384,900.

Alice Tucker and Maniferd, Dorothy S. and Donald C. Harris Jr. sold 25 County Route 53, Greenwich, to Alice and Grant H. Tucker Sr. for $88,250.

Richard L. and Cheryl J. Winslow sold 4 Quarry Crossing, Kingsbury, to Jake Savin for $225,000.

969 State Route 197 in Argyle was sold for $227,850.

Recorded Dec. 29

Jordan Wood and Elisabeth L. Carruthers, deceased, sold 969 State Route 197, Argyle, to Jenna Alexander and Sean Hogan for $227,850.

Carl E. Pratt, power of attorney, and Doran J. Pratt, attorney in fact, sold 1739 Upper Turnpike Rd., Whitehall, to Joanna L. and Richard D. Gould Jr. for $255,000.

Nemith Lindsay Mumford Co., trustee, and the Mumford Family Irrevocable Trust sold 123 Summit Lake Rd., Argyle, to Thomas Scott Elliott for $799,000.

Jon M. and Annette M. Brenner sold property located on State Route 22, Hebron, to Brendan J. and Sara J. Sullivan for $135,000.

HKB Properties LLC sold 16 Depot St., Kingsbury, to Giant Jim’s Storage Bins LLC for $150,000.

Stanislaw and Zofia A. Pisklak sold 16 Lock St., Fort Edward, to Darren Calamito for $162,000.

Community Loan Servicing LLC sold 91 Poultney St., Whitehall, to Jackie M. Coffin for $25,000.

Recorded Jan. 3, 2022

Todd Rozell sold 1000 County Route 41, Kingsbury, to Harry F. and Kimberli S. Crannell for $17,000.

Sara L. Shackett, executrix for the estate of Charles Tanner, deceased, sold 10374 State Route 40, Granville, to Jason A. and Samantha A. Greene for $132,500.

Jeffrey Reynolds sold 1093 Copeland Pond Rd., Fort Ann, to Danielle and Paul Simonson, trustees for the Simonson Family Living Trust, for $510,000.

79 Maple St. in Kingsbury recently sold for $50,000.

21st Mortgage Corporation sold 60 Clark Way, Hebron, Robert and Ennette Palecek for $45,000.

Katherine Bates, administratrix for Bruce Scott Bates, deceased, sold 79 Maple St., Kingsbury, to Andrew Abare for $50,000.

Karen Lea Hayes, trustee for the Hayes Family Living Trust, sold 642 Lees Crossing Rd., Cambridge, to Eric David and Calli Nicole Devlin for $369,000.

David and Richard Grinstein, trustees for Alexander Settlor Grinstein and Adele B. Settlor Grinstein sold property on Tug Hollow Lane, Salem, to Sky Parlor LLC for $21,600.

David and Richard Grinstein, trustees for Alexander Settlor Grinstein and Adele B. Settlor Grinstein sold 176 Tug Hollow Lane, Salem, to Sky Parlor LLC for $239,100.

Clarence Ritchie sold 114 Holcombville Rd., Granville, to Kevin Stanley for $7,500.

Karen Koziol sold 389 Cambridge Battenville Rd., Jackson, to Brian J. Harrington and Timothy B. Donovan for $487,500.

4Real Properties LLC sold 20 Queens St., Whitehall, to Erica Sala for $136,740.

Martha Hasslacher sold 17 Galesville Rd., Greenwich, to Morgan Herbst for $200,000.

Timothy David Witten, executor for Anita R. and Eugene R. Witten, deceased, sold 131 Hickory Hill Rd., Salem, to Karen Koziol for $260,000.

10115 State Route 22 in Granville was sold for $130,000.

Recorded Jan. 4

Edward H. Benway, attorney in fact, and Ann Marie Rodd, power of attorney, sold 40 Elizabeth St., Whitehall, to Lisa Williamson for $140,000.

Thomas P. and Virginia L. McGreevy sold 121 Deerfield Lane, Easton, to Dominick M. Tatangelo for $269,000.

Ann L. Toulon, trustee for the Living Trust of Carlos A. and Ann L. Toulon, sold 10115 State Route 22, Granville, to Ronald and Elsie Ellen Tornetto for $130,000.

1268 Fort Miller Rd. in Fort Edward sold for $300,000.

Recorded Jan. 5

Load Zone F LLC sold 1653 County Route 153, Salem, to GMES Solar 3 LLC for $19,880.

Load Zone F LLC sold 331 Spraguetown Rd., Greenwich, to GMES Solar 3 LLC for $25,120.

Cherri A. Howard, Edward Louis Clark and Elizabeth A. and Eric E. Clark, deceased, sold 113 Feeder St., Kingsbury, to Anthony and Tanya Allen for $189,200.

Kali Nolan sold 630 Middle Rd., Hebron, to Adam and Christiana Ostrander for $26,500.

Theodore L. Meyer, trustee for the Theodore L. Meyer Revocable Trust, sold 1268 Fort Miller Rd., Fort Edward, to James T. and Arlyne C. Henley for $300,000.

Odell V. Peak LLC sold 4 Marion St., Fort Edward, to D and T Creative Properties LLC for $35,000.

David W. Howard sold 195 Buttermilk Falls Rd., Fort Ann, to Barbara L. and Robert M. Burch Jr. for $325,000.

2019 Castle LLC sold 3065 State Route 4, Kingsbury, to Paul J. Ryan Jr. for $34,900.

Joan L. Travis sold 1393 County Route 24, Granville, to James Varney and Cherie Jean Brown for $150,000.

Angelo C. and Audrey J. Bello sold 46 Sheridan St., Argyle, to Eloise A. Morris for $178,900.

William Ritter Jr. sold 28 Academy St., Cambridge, to Tayler Lynne Ritter and Dylan Baker for $153,900.