Fire destroys barn in N. Granville

Fire destroys barn in N. Granville
Photo by Caton Deuso. A view from County Road 17 of the storage/pole barn fire on Jan. 12.

A North Granville storage/pole barn that was rented by a Connecticut man was destroyed by a vicious fire on Jan. 12.

Multiple departments were dispatched for a structure fire at 2546 County Route 17 in North Granville at about 9:15 p.m. There was nobody inside the barn and no one was injured.

“He (the Connecticut man) didn’t go back in there, thank God,” said North Granville Fire Company chief Scott McCullen. “Surround and drown, save the building.”

Video by Caton Deuso. The fire at 2544 County Route 17 in North Granville.

The cause of the fire was investigated by the Washington County Bureau of Fire Investigators and deemed to be caused by a rotted stove pipe to the wood stove.

Washington County Assessment Rolls lists Scott W. Kluz as the owner of the property.

A car on the rear side of the building was totaled and a separate garage to the northeast of the barn was slightly scorched.

The flames were extinguished in about an hour as crews quickly prevented the spread of the fire. Remaining hotspots under the mostly wooden barn with tin roofing and siding were put out before midnight.

Photo by Austin Crosier. North Granville Fire Company chief Scott McCullen

“It was a very good response by every department,” said Penrhyn Engine & Hose Company captain Austin Perry. “They (North Granville Fire Company) had a pretty good knockdown on it. It was burning pretty good when we got here and we were right behind them.”

Despite the quick response, McCullen and Perry said there were issues with a dry hydrant on Aiken Road in Middle Granville.

“We had water problems,” McCullen said. “A dry hydrant froze so I had to call in more tankers to make it a third alarm. So we turned it around once we started to get things going. Cold weather, that’s what you get. Quite a bit (of manpower), we had to switch out some of the guys that got tired because of snow and slipperiness.”

“Getting water here, it’s always a tough one,” Perry said. “I guess we did have an issue with our Aiken Road dry hydrant starting up but they got it going on. We’ve got two fill sites operational, the fire’s out and we did what we were supposed to do. I don’t think we had any major issues, I thought it went pretty smooth other than the dry hydrant freezing up.”

Video by Austin Crosier. On scene at the storage/pole barn fire at 2544 County Route 17 in North Granville.

Perry said the car on the backside of the building was “burning pretty good” and that there was “at least 10 gallons of oil in there burning.”

Two renters in the house just north of the barn that caught fire, Hallie Crockett and Jeremy Smith, said they heard a loud “bang” from outside followed by the bright yellow glow of flames.

“I was sitting on the couch, we heard a commotion. I thought maybe his (Smith’s) mom had knocked something over upstairs and then he’s got two glass doors and we saw the yellow of the fire and we stood out on the balcony and you could feel it,” Crockett said. “Jeremy ran out to make sure the resident of the pole barn wasn’t in there. He was making sure nobody was in the building or anything like that, then Scott McCullen responded before the firetruck got here. The firetruck got here in record time. They salvaged that barn (garage) right here. It was ripping for a second!”