Adopt a Family Christmas program a success

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Girl Scouts sold baked goods and Christmas tree ornaments to raise money for the program.

This year, Girl Scouts of Northern Washington County ran a very successful Adopt a Family program for Christmas in December.

Some 29 children from 14 struggling families were provided with Christmas gifts and other necessities. Each child received one bag of items with wrapping paper so that the parents could wrap the gifts to be opened on Christmas morning.

The Girl Scouts received a generous donation from the VFW. Here Mary Hollister accepts the $1,000 check from the VFW’s Butch Hurlburt.

The Girl Scouts worked hard to raise money for the program by selling baked goods and Christmas tree ornaments. In addition, the Girl Scouts received a generous $1,000 donation from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Additionally, Joe’s Pizza’s bottle redemption center yielded a donation of $635 to the program. These donations, along with donations from a handful of local folks throughout the year, added up to an additional $800.

The Girl Scouts were able to help 7 more children this year than they did last year.

A single parent who was struggling this holiday season made a personal phone call to let the Girl Scouts know how much she appreciated their support.

A week before Christmas, a child was removed his parents’ care. The program was asked if it could add one more child. The child’s caregiver wrote a note before presents were delivered saying: “My heart was touched tremendously, and I cried when I heard you would want to help this child.” A second message after the holidays said, “Wanted to thank you again. It touched my heart. I greatly appreciate it and he was a happy happy little guy! Thank you.”

Another family wrote to say: “Thank you. We are so appreciative of everything you gifted us. It will make the children’s day. Boots and shirts. Again thank you very much, Girl Scouts, it was a big help.”

A handwritten note read: “You all are a blessing to our family! You made Christmas possible! From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and hope your holiday is as wonderful as you made ours! God bless you!”