Haynes House of Hope to reopen

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Haynes House of Hope
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For the first time since March 16, 2020, Haynes House of Hope in Granville will officially be open to end-of-life-care patients and families on Jan. 17.

New director Bonnie Underwood, board chair Joanna Prouty and past-director and current board member Carol Finke said they were “excited” to reveal new changes to the facility’s operation following its closure because of Covid-19.

“Everyone, whether they are vaccinated or not, is going to be wearing a mask,” Underwood said. “All visitors are going to be wearing masks. The only ones who will not be are our residents.

“We are sanitizing things, we always did but we’re doing it more and more each shift (four-hour shifts). Our visiting policy right now has changed a little bit. I am limiting three visitors per resident, and yes, they can switch out, but again we need to keep to that for more safety.”

Although no patients have officially been confirmed by High Peaks Hospice in Glens Falls to transfer to Haynes House, Underwood said the number of potential referrals is starting to add up.

Although the home has room for two patients at a time, Underwood said Haynes House will take one patient at a time while the volunteers continue to learn and adjust, with the hope of adding a second patient at the end of February.

A key feature of Underwood’s direction that Prouty and Finke pointed out is the hands-on training that 20 current volunteers receive in patient care, medications, charting and “how-to’s”.

“I think the big thing with Bonnie is that her background in hospice-type care as well as her commitment to that area of healthcare really is making a difference for us,” Prouty said.

The trio said they are looking for “diverse” volunteers of all backgrounds, avenues and expertise to find a way to contribute, including a potential new treasurer for the board.

“I still would like to see 10 more volunteers if we could, and that is if we need to, we can have two on at a time or have one volunteer that is more experienced in what we do and they can assist in being a mentor to a new one who has never done this kind of thing,” Underwood said. “Some of our new volunteers are nurses, some of our volunteers are past-CNA’s. We have one volunteer who is a chaplain but is also Spanish-speaking.”

Following the passing of board member Sue Perry on Dec. 29 at Haynes House, the trio were able to test out several new techniques, trainings and lessons in Underwood’s vision.

“We were able to test out, ‘can we get volunteers here? Can we get the place and the beds done? And can we get the money to get a new refrigerator?’ We worked on grants for several years and hope to do more. We’re going to apply soon for that Granville Community Foundation grant,” Prouty said. “It reassured us that we’re ready.”

“She (Perry) was the energy behind our drive to get residents back in the house,” Finke said. “She was our spark.”

For more information, call 518-642-8155.