Police Beat, Jan. 6, 2022

Editor’s note: An arrest or a charge is not a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.

Granville Police Department

Dec. 29

9:40 a.m. Police responded to a reported disturbance at the Pine Grove Motel at Montray Place. The responding officer spoke with a 42-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman who both said there were no issues, no yelling and they did not hear anyone in the area. The man appeared to be moving his property to a vehicle in the parking lot, according to the responding officer. The officer spoke with the caller who advised hearing someone yelling outside in the area of the parking lot and observed a man outside possibly trying to remove the car battery from a Jeep. The officer spoke with the man and woman again and the man said he was trying to jumpstart one of the vehicles.

10:18 a.m. Police responded to an accidental hold-up alarm activation at Great Meadow Federal Credit Union.

Dec. 31

7:37 a.m. Granville EMS and Granville police responded to a Quaker Street apartment building for reports of a 79-year-old woman who had fallen and injured her hip. The woman was unable to unlock the door so entry to the building was made via a window. The woman was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Whitehall Police Department

Dec. 26

3:06 a.m. While on patrol, a responding officer received a call from a resident at 19 Maple St. reporting he had just returned home and his house was full of smoke and smelled of electrical components possibly burning. The responding officer advised the caller to hang up and call 911. An officer arrived on the scene and could see a light on inside the residence. The officer attempted to make contact with the other residents of the duplex but was unable to make contact. Steve Brock arrived on the scene to investigate. After investigation, it was determined to be a furnace malfunction. The resident was advised to leave the furnace off for the night and to contact Lake Champlain Coal Company in the morning.

Dec. 27

12:30 p.m. An officer was dispatched to 106 Broadway Ave. for a 911 hang up call. The officer patrolled to the home and spoke to a 50-year-old man who said he had no idea how 911 was called and stated everything was fine and that two children were playing in the home.

3 p.m. A responding officer was dispatched to the area of 82 South Williams St. for a 911 hang-up call. The call was plotting toward Stewart’s parking lot. The responding officer checked Williams and South Williams streets. The responding officer also checked Stewart’s parking lot as well as the medical center parking lot. There was nobody located who had dialed 911.

3:30 p.m. A responding officer patrolled to 81 Poultney St. for a criminal mischief complaint. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a 39-year-old woman who said that the 36-year-old man she was complaining about went into the garage and had broken a small piece of trim on the main door. The woman did not want the man arrested but advised him she was calling the police as he was advised not to take anything from the garage. He did not take any property and left prior to the responding officer’s arrival. The responding officer spoke with the woman about her options and at the time she chose not to pursue any charges.

Dec. 28

11:50 p.m. While on patrol, a responding officer was dispatched to 48 Broadway Ave. for a domestic dispute between two brothers. The officer arrived on scene to see multiple men yelling at each other in the yard. Upon exiting the patrol car, the first man the officer encountered, later identified as a 17-year-old boy, was yelling as the officer was ordering him to step back and separate himself from the others.

The 17-year-old boy said his father and his uncle were arguing and it seemed as though they were going to fight, so he called 911. While speaking with the boy, a 34-year-old man approached the officer and identified himself as the boy’s father.

The officer spoke with both parties to determine what was going on. Both stated there was an argument over a vehicle that they shared with the father’s brother, a 30-year-old man, and his fiancé, a 27-year-old woman. The woman was outside for this conversation.

The father stated he used the car for work and came home shortly before the argument started. He also stated that his 30-year-old brother became upset because once he went inside, he was able to smell alcohol on his breath.

The man stated he went back outside to the car to sleep in it for the night to get away from his brother. At this point, the 30-year-old man came outside and began to take the plates off the vehicle. He stated that the vehicle was registered to him, but the title for the car is in the 27-year-old woman’s name.

The man and 17-year-old son stated that when the 30-year-old man began to take the plates off, they began yelling at each other with the 17-year-old boy becoming involved as well. The officer spoke with the woman who stated no one was going to fight and it was not physical at all, only verbal.

The woman stated she did not want the 34-year-old man in the house, but the 17-year-old was able to sleep in the house for the night. The officer advised the woman that the 34-year-old man lives there as well and can come and go as he pleases. The woman stated she did not want the man sleeping in the vehicle because it is hers.

The man was afforded the opportunity to retrieve his property from the car. The woman and 30-year-old man stated they were both going to bed for the night and would have no further contact with the 34-year-old man until the morning, but stated the man and his son could sleep in the camper behind the house and they would all talk things over in the morning. A domestic incident report was completed.

New York State Police

Dec. 24

9:41 p.m. John P. Wilson, 52, of Comstock was arrested in Fort Ann for DWI, first offense, a class U misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Dec. 27

10:08 a.m. Patrick T. Maul, 54, of Fort Ann was arrested for criminal contempt in the first degree, specifically physical contact, and aggravated family offense, both class E felonies. He was being held.

Dec. 28

12:33 a.m. Jeremy P. Stevens, 38, of Hudson Falls was arrested in Queensbury for operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% and DWI, both first offenses and class U misdemeanors. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Vermont State Police

Dec. 23

8:14 p.m. Vermont State Police were dispatched to an assault and robbery at the Hannaford in Rutland Town. Investigation revealed Ryan Morris, 28, of Rutland City assaulted and robbed Sharon Leonard, 66, of Rutland in the parking lot of the Hannaford. Leonard’s items were later found in the possession of Austin Rodriguez, 23, of Rutland. Rodriguez was cited to appear in Vermont Superior Court, Criminal Division, to answer to the charge of possession of stolen property. Morris was located on Dec. 31 and lodged at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility without bail.

Dec. 28

6:48 p.m. Vermont State Police were dispatched to an assault at the 99 Restaurant in Rutland Town. Investigation revealed that Jason Gagnon, 36, of Rutland allegedly assaulted Antonio King, 35, of Wallingford. Gagnon was cited to appear at a later date in Vermont Superior Court, Criminal Division, to answer to the charge of simple assault.

Dec. 31

11:56 p.m. Vermont State Police stopped a motor vehicle for an observed violation on Jackson Avenue in the City of Rutland. Troopers identified the operator of the vehicle as Kayla Muzzy, 33, of Rutland City. During the investigation Muzzy showed signs of impairment and was screened for DUI. She subsequently was taken into custody for suspicion of DUI and transported for processing. Muzzy was released with a citation to appear at Rutland Superior Court, Criminal Division, at a later date.

Jan. 1

12:14 a.m. Vermont State Police responded to a potential assault in Wells. Upon arrival, it was determined that one of the parties involved, Andrew C. Pratt, 26, of Wells left the residence in a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants. Pratt was subsequently arrested for suspicion of DUI and transported for processing and to detox and released with a criminal citation to answer to the charge at a later time.

1:52 a.m. Vermont State Police were dispatched to a family fight that occurred in West Rutland. Troopers arrived on scene and spoke with the injured victim who stated that he/she was assaulted by a household/family member. The accused was identified as Robert Pratt Jr., 29, of Rutland. Bail was set at $1,000. Pratt was scheduled to appear in Vermont Superior Court, Rutland Criminal Division, at a later date.