Washington County tops in state for Covid

Washington County tops in state for Covid
Photo courtesy of washingtoncountyny.gov. The Washington County logo.

Washington County is ranked first in New York State for highest percentage of Covid-19 positive cases across a seven-day average (13.3%), the county’s Department of Public Safety announced on Nov. 22.

The numbers show an increase of 25 cases from Nov. 20, with county listing 405 reported active Covid-19 cases and 5,957 total reported cases since the initial outbreak in March 2020. Total reported recoveries of 5,498 have been made while 54 Covid-19 related deaths in Washington County have occurred during the pandemic.

The county’s daily report included 15 current reported hospitalizations related to Covid-19.

Washington County Covid-19 spokesman Roger Wickes said the county has been in the top three of highest percentage of Covid-19 positive cases across a seven-day average over the last few weeks.

“When you look at the actual numbers (percentages), the differential between number two and number three from number one is only a couple of tenths,” Wickes said. “Statistically, it’s our week.”

The county’s report revealed 817 “breakthrough” (COVID-19 cases of those who are fully vaccinated) cases investigated within the county. Of those 817 “breakthrough” cases, 457 received Pfizer, 130 received J&J (Janssen) and 230 received Moderna.

There are currently 1,432 individuals being monitored by Washington County Public Health.

“You’ve seen everybody’s tests go up,” Wickes said. “This thing does not recognize borders… You’ve got to stay vigilant. You have to assume when you’re out there, the other person is positive.”

According to the Nov. 19 report of the Washington County Department of Public Safety, 92 of the 380 positive confirmed Covid-19 cases stemmed from Kingsbury, with Granville (55) and Whitehall (42) ranking high among the 17 townships.

Glens Falls Hospital representative Ray Agnew described the situation in Washington and Warren County as “very unsettling.”

Over the weekend days of Nov. 13 and 14, Agnew added, 41 Covid-19 positive patients were hospitalized.

“They (Washington and Warren County constituents) need to understand that the Delta-Variant is tenacious,” Agnew said. “It’s very clear up here in Washington and Warren County that we are having a surge in Covid-19 cases.”

With the holiday season looming, both Agnew and Wickes recommended mask-wearing, washing of hands and social-distancing, especially while “mixing and mingling” at large gatherings, if unavoidable.

Wickes concluded by advising county constituents to stay persistent with the guidance and practices that have been repeated for close to two years.

“There’s definitely Covid-19 fatigue,” Wickes said. “You can’t give up.”