N. Granville water dirty again

N. Granville water dirty again
Photo courtesy of Nolan Ynesta. A contaminated water sample collected in a bottle by Nolan Ynesta.

Yet again, many North Granville water district recipients have experienced dirty water coming from their pipes.

Photo courtesy of Nolan Ynesta. Following the advice of the Washington County Department of Public Safety and Granville Town Highway Department, the Ynesta family leaves their faucet running as contaminated water pours out.

This time, the cause stemmed from one of the main pumps in the pumphouse failing.

“This is an 80-year-old system that we inherited that we inherited that should have been repaired 25 years ago,” said Granville supervisor Matt Hicks on Nov. 8.

Hicks said the town highway department was made aware of the issue on Saturday and replaced the damaged pump with an auxiliary pump, which is installed and currently working. The damaged pump was sent to be repaired on Nov. 8 and will be reinstalled.

Constant changes in pressure stir and turn sediments in the outdated infrastructure, resulting in the brown water that exits faucets and hoses. Hicks recommended residents keep their water running until the water is clear.

The North Granville water district infrastructure has had concerns for years, as it was a WPA project, Hicks said.

However, the Town of Granville cannot afford a $4 million replacement without grant money. Water rates would be “astronomically” increased if the town were to pull the trigger without state or federal assistance.

According to Hicks, the town has installed more than 200 of 240 water meters in the district to regulate the amount and flow of water levels, and two new wells were drilled recently “to increase our supply.”

The town is anticipating approval from the state Department of Health to allow the two additional water wells to flow into the town’s system to increase water levels and limit water restrictions in dry times.

After these steps, Hicks said the focus of next year will involve ensuring repairs to the infrastructure in the pumphouse are “up to snuff.”

Photo courtesy of Jaimie Cenate-Ynesta. A pair of pants ruined in the washing machine.

Residents Jamie Cenate-Ynesta and Nolan Ynesta have taken their issues to social media, posting on Facebook multiple samples of dirty water and stained clothing from attempting to do laundry with the contaminated water.

When asked if any compensation to homeowners who have had to do laundry, dishes or consume dirty water was on the table, Hicks said he was not ready to have that conversation.

“You’re on step 19, I’m on step two,” Hicks said. “We’re doing the best we can with what we have to try and make things work.”