Police Beat, Oct. 21, 2021

Editor’s note: An arrest or a charge is not a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.

Granville Police Department

Oct. 6

3:20 p.m. An on-duty officer was met in the parking lot of the police department by a 51-year-old Morrison Avenue woman who had issues with her neighbors’ dogs defecating in her yard. The woman was advised to document when this occurs as well as obtain picture or video evidence of the dogs in her yard. The 51-year-old woman said the neighbors are having issues with her and her family as well, and that the neighbors let their dogs roam free in the area.

Oct. 7

12:30 p.m. Police received a call on the station line from a 38-year-old River Valley Drive woman who was inquiring how to acquire an order of protection against a 49-year-old Whitehall man. The woman informed the officer she was in Oregon during the phone call and that the 49-year-old was harassing her and saying he was going to go to her house, where the woman said he is not allowed to go to. The department’s database system showed a property check for the 38-year-old woman’s residence through Nov. 1. The responding officer advised the woman on how to petition family court for an order of protection due to her current location and that if the 49-year-old man were found to be at her residence, he would be arrested and an order of protection could be requested at that time as well.

Oct. 9

5 p.m. Police on patrol were dispatched to a Quaker Street apartment where a 79-year-old woman was requesting a welfare check on her neighbor, a Granville man. After making negative contact with the man via phone call, the officer located the man at his apartment where he said he was fine and wanted the 79-year-old woman to leave his apartment. The woman left and was advised to leave the man alone.

9:30 p.m. An officer was dispatched to the Granville Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation for reports of a 66-year-old man, who is a resident, was disturbing another resident while not listening to staff. The officer spoke with staff members who said the man was causing issues in the lobby and was asked to go to his room. The staff members added that the man refused, became disruptive with staff and started swearing at them. Police located the man, advised him that his behavior was unacceptable and that he needs to report his issues with staff and/or residents to the administrator.

Oct. 10

3:30 p.m. While on patrol police were dispatched to a Quaker Street apartment to assist Fort Ann EMS with gaining entry into a 79-year-old woman’s apartment for medical reasons. The officer assisted the paramedics with the woman.

4:30 p.m. Police received an anonymous call that teenagers, two boys and a girl, were on Main Street trying to open the doors to various businesses and finally got into Maggie’s Hair Salon. An officer patrolled to Main Street and checked all the businesses, observing all doors to be secured and nobody to be in any of the stores.

Oct. 14

2:45 p.m. Police were dispatched to patrol to a Columbus Street residence to speak with a 31-year-old mother and a 12-year-old daughter regarding a prior incident. The 12-year-old girl told the responding officer that she had been followed walking home multiple times by a man she described to be a white man with white hair, chubby in body type, anywhere from 6-foot tall to 6-foot-2-inches tall with no facial hair. The 12-year-old girl added he normally appears in the area of Bulkley Avenue and follows her to the area of Elm Street and Columbus Street near her home, and that this has happened three or four times in the last two weeks. The girl was advised to call 911 if she sees the man trying to follow her again.

Whitehall Police Department

Oct. 9

9:34 p.m. A 38-year-old woman called the station for information regarding a bat in her residence on Williams Street. The officer on duty advised her animal control does not handle bats, however an officer could come and assist her. The bat was located in a hallway and removed with a towel, then released into the park across the street.

Oct. 10

2:10 a.m. While on patrol a responding officer was called to South Williams Street for a noise complaint. Dispatch advised the caller was calling because the upstairs neighbor was making a lot of noise. An officer patrolled to the location and spoke with a 24-year-old man who stated the upstairs neighbor, a 26-year-old man, has been stomping on the floor and dropping things over and over. The responding officer was familiar with all parties and knows that the 26-year-old man’s girlfriend uses a Walker due to being in a motor vehicle accident, which could explain the noise the 24-year-old man was hearing. The officer attempted to make contact with the 26-year-old man and his girlfriend and after numerous attempts a female voice said someone is at the door, and the officer was unable to hear anything else.

Oct. 14

3:15 p.m. A woman called to report a barking dog by the name of Luna at 111 S. William St. An officer was at 113 S. William St. to interview a 29-year-old man on a separate matter, and the man advised Luna is his aunt’s dog and he brought the dog in as nobody was home at the aunt’s residence.

New York State Police

Oct. 10

1:22 p.m. Desiree S. Walizer, 29, of Eagle Bridge was arrested in White Creek for operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs, first offense, a class U misdemeanor, and aggravated DWI with a child, first offense, a class E felony. She was issued an appearance ticket.

5:50 p.m. Karen J. Robison, 57, of Fort Ann was arrested for criminal mischief with intent to damage property, a class A misdemeanor. She was being held.

Oct. 13

4:40 p.m. Bianca A. Barnes, 23, of Schuylerville was arrested for a shoplifting incident that was reported in Wilton on Aug. 29. She was charged with petit larceny, a class A misdemeanor and was issued an appearance ticket.

5:52 p.m. Cody W. Pettit, 23, of Milton was arrested in Fort Edward for driving while intoxicated, specifically operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% and DWI, both class U misdemeanors and first offenses. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Oct. 14

9:30 p.m. Ethan B. Pitts, 19, of Salem was arrested for petit larceny, a class A misdemeanor, in connection with an incident of shoplifting in Salem that was reported on Oct. 8. He was issued an appearance ticket.

Oct. 15

7:50 p.m. Lindsay D. Holmes, 33, of Greenwich, was arrested for assault in the third degree, a class A misdemeanor, in connection with an incident of simple assault that occurred on Oct. 2 in Glens Falls. She was issued an appearance ticket.

8:49 p.m. Lindsay D. Holmes, 33, of Greenwich was arrested for DWI, first offense, a class U misdemeanor, in relation to an incident involving personal injury that occurred on Oct. 2 in Argyle. She was issued an appearance ticket.

Oct. 16

9:08 a.m. Helen S. Crawford, 28, of Granville was arrested in Hampton for operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs in the first degree, a class U misdemeanor. She was issued an appearance ticket.

Vermont State Police

Oct. 5

12:04 a.m. Vermont State Police responded to a single-vehicle crash on U.S. Route 7 in the Town of Mount Tabor. Upon arrival, troopers observed that operator of the vehicle had fled the scene of the crash. Through investigation troopers identified the driver as Elijah Johnson, 20, of Manchester. Johnson was traveling south on U.S. Route 7 when he attempted to avoid colliding with a deer and lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle left the western shoulder of the roadway, entered a pond and caught fire. Johnson advised troopers of minor lacerations to his hands and feet. His car was totaled from contact damage with the pond embankment and the resulting fire damage. Troopers were assisted on scene by the Danby Fire Department.

Oct. 7

4:58 p.m. Vermont State Police responded to a two-vehicle crash on Business Route 4 in Rutland Town near Simons Avenue. Upon arrival troopers learned a motorcycle had rear-ended a pickup truck causing damage to the truck and totaling the motorcycle. The operator of the motorcycle, Alan P. Nash, 43, of Granville, New York, was transported to Rutland Regional Medical Center by Regional Ambulance Service and later flown by helicopter to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and is in critical condition. The operator of the pickup truck, William Perry, 52, of West Rutland, was uninjured. Both vehicles were towed from the scene due to damage, and traffic was delayed for a short period while the scene was processed and cleared. Rutland Town Fire Department also assisted with the crash. State Police are still investigating the circumstances of the crash and ask any witnesses to contact the Vermont State Police Rutland Barracks at 802-773-9101.

Oct. 9

9:53 p.m. Vermont State Police responded to a single-vehicle crash involving a pedestrian located on U.S. Route 7 in the Town of Rutland. Through investigation, troopers determined that Joseph Monroe, 54, of Rutland had struck a pedestrian, Jeffrey Annis, 63. Monroe had been traveling south on U.S. Route 7. Annis was crossing Route 7 from east to west, and Monroe swerved in an attempt to avoid striking him. However, Monroe came into contact with Annis on the passenger side front bumper of Monroe’s SUV. Annis was transported to the Rutland Regional Medical Center for a reported ankle injury. Troopers were assisted on scene by the Regional Ambulance Service.

Oct. 10

10:02 a.m. Vermont State Police were notified of a single-vehicle rollover near 971 Vermont Route 22A in the Town of Benson. Through investigation it was determined that John Freeman, 75, of Orwell was driving his SUV south on Vermont Route 22A. Freeman said a northbound vehicle crossed the centerline, and he tried to pull over to avoid a collision. His SUV struck a guardrail on the west side of the roadway then crossed to the east side, exited the road and became overturned. Freeman suffered minor injury to his left wrist as well as minor facial lacerations, while his SUV suffered significant damage to the passenger side and front bumper. The Vermont State Police were assisted on scene by Benson Fire Department. Anyone with further information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Trooper Charles Gardner at 802-773-9101.

7:45 p.m. Vermont State Police were notified of a domestic disturbance on Blue Star Drive in Ira. Investigation revealed that Matthew Carlson, 45, of Ira placed a family or household member in fear for their safety and previously assaulted them. Carlson was taken into custody and processed at the Rutland Barracks. He was released on conditions and issued a citation to appear in court at a later date to answer to the charge of second degree domestic assault.

Oct. 11

6:01 p.m. Vermont State Police were notified of a domestic disturbance that occurred on Oct. 9 at a residence on Danby Pawlet Road in Danby. Investigation revealed that Ryan Battease, 23, of Danby had physically assaulted a family or household member. Battease was taken into custody and processed at the Rutland Barracks. He was released on conditions and issued a citation to appear in court at a later date to answer to the charge of domestic assault.

Oct. 13

2:27 p.m. Vermont State Police conducted a motor vehicle stop on North Shrewsbury Road in the Town of Clarendon. The driver, identified as Jason M. Buffum, 44, of Tinmouth, was found to be operating a motor vehicle while his license was criminally suspended in the State of Vermont. Buffum also was found to be in violation of his court-ordered conditions of release. He was released with a citation to appear in Vermont Superior Court, Rutland Criminal Division, at a later date to answer to the offenses of criminal DLS and VOCR.

Guns drawn, pair handcuffed by mistake

By Austin Crosier

Two individuals suspected of burglarizing a Mettowee Street residence were captured at gunpoint at the house and handcuffed before police were informed it was a misunderstanding by the woman reporting the incident.

Sidney E. Sirchia, 19, of New York, and Alexander J. O’Brien, 20, of New York, were placed in handcuffs and removed from the 73 Mettowee St. residence by two on-duty and one off-duty Granville police officers and multiple officers from State Police on Oct. 10, following the dispatched call of the woman homeowner, Kendra Mistretta, returning to her residence and not recognizing a grey SUV in her driveway.

According to the incident report, at around 1:43 a.m., dispatch advised the two on-duty Granville officers that the homeowner observed a subject in her living room and that she would wait in the village Department of Public Works parking lot for the police to arrive.

The two officers patrolled the area and observed lights on in the residence. An off-duty patrolman and State Police arrived on scene shortly after to assist.

Two Granville officers moved to the rear of the residence while the third went to the front to establish a perimeter. The officer in the front ran the license plate of the grey SUV to dispatch and the vehicle was registered to a Corinth woman.

The two officers at the back of the house advised the third officer they could hear people talking inside.

While discussing their findings, the officers observed the back door of the residence open and O’Brien walked out while on the phone, wearing an orange vest, with Sirchia standing inside the residence behind him.

Both individuals were immediately ordered at gunpoint to put their hands in the air, face the other direction and walk backward toward the police.

O’Brien advised the officers that it was his residence and a Granville officer responded by telling O’Brien that they would sort out everything after, as he and Sirchia were placed in handcuffs and escorted away from the house.

Mistretta returned to the residence and was visibly upset when she identified the two subjects as individuals who were supposed to be there.

She told the officers she had made a mistake.

Granville Police confirmed with NYVT Media that O’Brien does reside at the Mettowee Street residence and that he typically receives rides home from work. Mistretta was not familiar with the vehicle in the driveway.

Sirchia and O’Brien were released from their handcuffs and were told why the situation was handled the way it was; both individuals said they understood and units cleared the scene shortly after.