Bridge closing for repairs

Bridge closing for repairs
The Lower Turnpike Road bridge.

The one-lane-bridge on Lower Turnpike Road in North Granville, often used as a connecting point between State Route 22 and County Route 12, will be closed for repairs on Oct. 18.

Granville supervisor Matt Hicks said the Washington County Department of Public Works will replace the “deck,” a platform of wooden floorboards that often get jostled out of place throughout the year. The job should take a week.

The hefty prices of lumber this summer made it difficult to consider repairs on the 132-year-old bridge. With prices dropping recently, the county views an opportunity to get the project completed before the weather declines.

“They are tearing all the boards off and replacing the deck so they don’t have to come back and keep fixing it,” Hicks said. “I wouldn’t think it would be more than a week at the most.”