Pedone transfers to Glens Falls police

Pedone transfers to Glens Falls police
Photo courtesy of Ryan Pedone. Sgt. Ryan Pedone.

A Granville Police Department sergeant, Ryan Pedone, is transferring to the Glens Falls Police Department.

His resignation was accepted with regret by the Granville Village Board on Oct. 4, effective Oct. 8.

Pedone began his 16-year career in the Granville police force for one year before transferring to Fort Edward and Hudson Falls. Six years ago, Pedone came back to the place he calls home.

Pedone credits the opportunity of a significant pay increase and a premium healthcare package in Glens Falls that he could not refuse as he gets close to the 20-year mark. He was not actively looking for new employment, Glens Falls reached out to him, Pedone said.

“Ultimately I’m getting towards the end of my career,” he said. “We only need 20 years in the police service.”

According to Village Clerk Rick Roberts, Pedone was making $26.53 an hour with the Granville Police Department.

Pedone agreed to join Glens Falls on Sept. 27 after making verbal notification of his next steps in the transfer process on Sept. 20.

When Pedone transfers to Glens Falls, he will be serving as a patrolman. He said it’s a role he’s felt comfortable with in the past as well as recently, being on patrol by himself during his night shift whether serving as a supervisor to Whitehall or Granville.

“I had the ability to do the things most officers don’t get to do,” Pedone said.

Pedone said the reception from his fellow officers was nothing but positive, understanding that this was the best move for Pedone and his family. Multiple officers attended the board meeting when Pedone’s resignation was formally announced.

“I’ve had the opportunity to respond and handle many different calls and situations. All of these calls and situations have shaped me into the officer I am today,” said Pedone’s letter to the board, read by Mayor Paul Labas.

Commenting on the need for a police force in the village of Granville, Pedone revealed an investigation he and a fellow officer were involved in back in February, resulting in the recovery of just under a half pound of cocaine. The amount seized represented about $40,000 worth of illegal drugs.

“That’s in your hometown, that’s in your backyard,” Pedone said. “Everyone thinks Granville is a quiet, little rural area with nothing going on.”