Mattison’s Sport Shop finds a home

Mattison’s Sport Shop finds a home

Mattison’s Sport Shop has been providing the Whitehall community and many New Englanders with live bait, licenses, ammo and much more, and now the Village Board has authorized the shop to operate from the owners’ garage.

“As of right now, I am getting ready to start hanging my inventory,” Vicki Mattison said.

The Mattisons have been moving their store from 9869 U.S. Route 4 to 3 North St. during the past few months. Mattison said they have spent most of the time rehabilitating the garage to meet certain requirements to operate out of their home.

“We rehabbed the whole garage and we had help from the Amish, the neighbors, and of course our son,” she said. “The Amish helped stabilize it and helped with a lot of the building process.”

Even though the shop had a temporary closure, Mattison said she was still selling items to customers when she had the chance. If a community member asked about an item they needed, she would go through where the inventory was being kept.

“I would tell them, ‘Just give me a day and I will find it in my storage,’ and one of my neighbors let me store inventory in one of their bays in their garage and I am thankful,” she said.

Since the shop sells firearms and hunting gear, Mattison said she wanted to make sure the neighborhood was comfortable with the shop moving into their basement.

“We had to get a special use permit and then the board meeting we went to, and we went above and beyond,” she said. “We made a list and had one neighbor take it to all the rest of our neighbors to make sure they were okay with the deal.”

Even though the shop is only days away from opening, Mattison explained that she is still working at this very moment. Even though the merchandise is still being hung up, she has been continuing the sale of licenses, seeing as it is hunting season after all.

“Most of the outside will be re-sided but we’re going to keep working. I’m going to open even if the outside isn’t finished. The problem now is getting ammo in for people at a fairly decent price,” she said.

During hunting season, the shop sometimes sees an increase in ammo sales. Due to Covid, there have been national issues with the shipping of imports. Mattison explained that she put in a large order back in May and is still waiting to see it. She also explained that she could get the supplies, but she would have to charge more for the product, which she refuses to do to customers.

“I could get it, but I would have to charge people $50 to $55 a box to make $5,” she said about buying some forms of ammo.

“I refuse to do that when I can get the ammo when my wholesalers get it and charge my customers the normal price.”

Shop hours are still to be determined so the best way to see if they’re open is by calling the shop number of 518-527-0130 or message their Facebook page. The Mattisons have mentioned they are thankful for the community sticking with them through the move. They said that it’s thanks to the community that they are able to do what they do.

“They’re always there for us and support us,” she said.