Granville Then & Now – Car show and craft fair a resounding success

By Erik Pekar, Town Historian

The Autumn Leaves Car Show was held on Sunday, Sept. 26, at the Granville Little League complex off of Glen Street in the Village of Granville. After a year’s absence, anticipation ran high for Granville’s famed event showcasing classic cars, and as in prior years the car owners and fans famously came through. This year’s event shattered all records. More than 950 people attended the show, netting over $2,850 in admission, and 259 cars were displayed at the show.

The event, sponsored by the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce, was a resounding success. New to the event this year was a craft fair, which had over 40 vendors, as well as a couple of food trucks. This new addition added another draw to the event. The members of the Chamber who helped with the event should be commended for their volunteer efforts. Thanks go out to them, as well as those who brought their cars to the show, and the members of the public who attended to see the cars or went to the craft fair.

+ + +

The 14 E. Main St. building was sold last month. The Town of Granville closed on the purchase of the property on Thursday, Sept. 9. The building was owned by John Manchester, former owner and publisher emeritus of the Granville Sentinel and Manchester Newspapers (now called NYVTmedia).

The town purchased the building due to the state of its present building, the former Farmers’ National Bank building, which was purchased by the town in 1973. While structurally sound, the building has a few deficiencies. Within the past year, the building was looked over by engineers, who estimated the requirements to get the building modernized; these were $80,000 to get the building to a decent condition in this regard, and around $500,000 to fix all the issues. This motivated the town board to look for alternatives.

With the purchase of the 14 E. Main building, the building has been looked over by town officials, and plans are being made to renovate it for the new town offices. The town board projects to move the offices to the building by Thanksgiving at the earliest. The town should take the time to make the new building suited for town offices in the best and most efficient way possible. This is the time for the town to work out anything and everything with the new building before the offices have moved over. Hopefully, the town does the best it can do with renovation and does preventive maintenance now and in the future. If this is done, the new town building will stay in much better shape in the years ahead than the present town building nearly 50 years after its acquisition.

+ + +

The North Granville Hose Company has been working on a project for some time to get a new, modern sign for its firehouse. Their efforts were rewarded on Friday, Sept. 24, when the new sign arrived and was installed. The sign has a blue border, with “North Granville Hose Co.” on top and “Established 1945” at the bottom, and has stonework around the base. The centerpiece of the sign is a color LED display that can show different messages. The sign is the first of its kind to be installed within the Town of Granville. The two earlier LED display signs to be installed in Granville, at the high school and at Walgreens (built for Rite Aid) were both only capable of displaying red text on the black background. The North Granville Hose Company’s new sign is a modern, attractive sign that has received and will get attention for the fire company from drivers along that section of Route 22.

+ + +

The Granville Central School District recently updated the look on its sign, located in front of the Granville High School on Quaker Street. The sign was replaced on Tuesday, Sept. 28. The original sign had “Granville Central School District”, with the side profile Horde head in the center. The new sign has “Granville CSD / Golden Opportunities Start Here,” with the school district’s new logo showing the high school’s cupola. The sign assembly, which also includes a red LED display sign, was originally installed in 2004.

One may have noticed the new blue signs at a few locations in the Village of Granville. These are the new signs marking the “Drug Free School Zone”. The signs were originally placed in the fall of 1993, a joint effort between the New York State Department of Education and the local Masonic lodge, Granville Lodge No. 55. The premise of the signs was that there already was a law prohibiting drugs within a certain distance of school properties, for a fine. The “Drug Free School Zone” program’s signs were placed at double this distance, and violations made within the zone would result in double the fine. Signs were placed in several locations around the Village of Granville some distance away from the school properties, as well right near the schools. A few signs also were placed near the Mary J. Tanner School in Middle Granville, although only one of that set is still up at present. The original signs were white with blue text, while the new signs are blue with white text. The replaced signs are on Church Street, East Potter Avenue, and the sign on Quaker Street facing those heading north on the street.