Whitehall cheer team ready to bring best routines to the season

Whitehall cheer team ready to bring best routines to the season

On Monday, Oct. 11 the Whitehall cheer team will be making their voices heard. With Covid canceling the chance of a season last year, the coaches and team members are ready to get out on the fields again and root for their fellow Railroaders.

“So far so good! We’ve really just practiced and the first home game is the 11th,” coach Nicole Egan said.

Over the years at Whitehall, there have been two different coaches for the football and basketball cheer teams. Recently, they have become one squad that cheers together collectively. Both Megan Boule and Nicole Egan are the coaches for the cheer team and are excited to see some events for the team to be at this year.

“I am very proud of our cheer program. I love seeing athletes get the same enjoyment of cheering on our team and creating school spirit that I once did,” Boule said.

With Covid shutting sports down during 2020, the team was unable to perform last year, which didn’t help with the overall spirit of the school, especially after the devastating flood that caused the school to remain in remote learning mode until March 2021.

Students have been gearing up for the new season and are excited to finally be able to bring their passions back to life cheering on their fellow classmates. Team member Louie Pratt mentioned that even though there is no varsity football this year, he believes Whitehall community members will still come to the games to support the students.

“I think football cheer brings out a big crowd because homecoming is a thing and kids can participate in the pep rally we used to have and hopefully will get to have,” Egan said.

Boule is not only coaching, but choreographing the routines. She started cheering when she was in elementary school and then revisited the sport in high school. Her love for choreographing and dancing became larger as she grew into the sport.

“I enjoy choreographing routines very much. I started with choreographing dance routines in college. It is an evolving process of having a starting point then changing it to fit the current team or situation,” she said.

Boule even was a coach for her sister’s cheer team at one point.

“I had always loved dance, and cheer was very similar and became my main focus for high school. I actually started coaching during my sister’s senior year of high school and really enjoyed helping them to have those experiences that I once enjoyed so much.”

Cheerleader Louie Pratt is excited to be able to get back to what he has missed. Choreography often is a mashup of today’s hits, which makes the experience even better for him. Not only is he cheering during football season, he also participates in basketball season cheer, too. He also mentioned that the team attends competitions during the winter.

“We go to competitions during basketball season. So, during that season it’s a lot more practice and a lot more intense,” he said.

You can catch the Whitehall cheer team at the home football and basketball games this season. With the lack of performances last season, they are ready this year to bring their best routines to the crowd.