Want cupcakes? Name your flavor

Want cupcakes? Name your flavor

A variety of cupcakes with numerous options of frosting creates an irresistible temptation.

Whatever’s your go-to, Whitehall’s cupcake queens should be able to whip you up a batch. Nearly life-long friends Nicole Egan and Heather Daniels have turned their passion of baking into a business, even though they treat it more like a hobby.

“Heather and I have been friends since we were five years old. So, we just kind of decided, ‘I don’t know, we’ll make some cupcakes for just a friend or a party or something,’ and then that kind of turned into close friends asking us to do a wedding for them and a baby shower. That was about six years ago,” Egan said.

The duo has been seen across Facebook with their exquisite designs for their hobby and have attracted more customers through the events they have catered. With the cupcake business being a side job for them, some of their clients have been from their day jobs, both within the Whitehall Central School District.

“It’s mostly a lot of close friends asking us to do something, and then it would branch out from there. Heather has had a work friend that asked her to do her wedding, one of my friends asked us to do her wedding, so it’s just kind of been close friends and then people try our cupcakes at these places and they call us or contact us,” Egan said.

Luckily enough, the two have “quality control checks” from their occasional helpers they get.

“When school starts, we get really busy, so if we get a job that means we get some time together. Some of our other friends also come over, they call themselves ‘quality control’ or taste testers,” Egan said.

As for how they are making the cupcakes, they would not disclose the recipe they use for their cupcakes. However, it should be known that if you do get your hands on one of them, it’s not coming from a Pillsbury or Betty Crocker box.

Cupcakes by the Cupcake Queens

“We have one recipe we use, yes.” Egan said. “Then we kind of play with that. We like to do any kinds of flavors.”

One of the best-selling cupcakes among the queens are the liquor-filled ones. Granted, there is some science behind the making of them, but the population of 21-year-olds and up enjoy them the most. Other popular flavors the girls make is chocolate peanut butter, raspberry filled, Oreo, and more.

“We’ve done some with shots of liquor in them for Halloween parties,” Egan said. ‘We really like to explore and have fun… we’ve done Fireball and peanut butter whiskey ones.”

Liquor shot cupcakes

“People contact us and ask us what our flavors are and I kind of like to tell them that we like to try new things and we get excited when anybody orders something.”

For Heather, she is looked at as the “cake” maker. Egan mentioned that when it comes to weddings, Heather is the one to make the cake for the married couple to cut. Needless to say, cakes might not be something the cupcake queens take on.

“Heather is the cake master if anyone asks,” Egan said.

For those looking to get the queens to cater your next wedding, graduation, birthday or anniversary you can contact Nicole Egan at 518-791-2528 or you can reach out to Nicole or Heather Daniels on Facebook.

“This is more a hobby than a business for us and we are more about flavors than themes and decorating.”