Student wins $60,000 scholarship

Student wins $60,000 scholarship
Russel Sage College of Albany and Troy "Student Sage" scholarship recipient Harley Moore.

A Granville High School senior has overcome adversity in and out of the classroom on her path to becoming a recipient of a $60,000 scholarship from Russell Sage College of Albany and Troy.

Harley Moore said she was initially confused when she opened the letter, as this was not something she applied for. Then Moore realized she was nominated for the “Student Sage Award” by her school counselor, Erin Reuckert, and the junior award committee, consisted of James Marsfelder, Michele Bromley, Adam Langworthy, Dave Cosey, Cory Burton, Kate Becker, Jason Finn and Will Hardin,

“She doesn’t let things keep her down,” Reuckert said. “When she sets a goal for herself, she follows through.”

Reuckert said it took less than a week after nominating Moore to find out that not only did Moore meet all of the requirements, she shattered expectations.

“Harley was a really good advocate for herself and she really persevered last year with a lot going on and she pushed through,” Reuckert said. “She’s really stepped up and it stood out.”

The press release from Russell Sage College states award recipients were nominated by their school; counselors, teachers or administrators for exemplifying the college’s motto of “To Be, To Know, To Do.”

In her senior year, Moore is taking all honors or college-level classes.

Moore’s lofty goals that always find a way to be achieved stem from her childhood when she said she felt a drive to be the best in everything to which she applied herself. She is considering a career in teaching art or literature, with Russell Sage being in her top three of potential colleges to attend next year.

“I had a really rough childhood and I still do and it’s just that everybody would tell me that my grades weren’t good enough or I had to be like this person or like my sister who went to a different school,” Moore said. “I’ve always wanted to be the best, and it’s kind of a bad thing sometimes when I try to get there, but I’ve always connected well with literature.

“All of my favorite teachers have always been like Becker (social studies) or Marsfelder (English), so I just wanted to be like them… They actually connect with the students instead of telling them what to do.”

In her free time, Moore finds joy in songwriting, playing both the guitar and piano, and singing in her punk rock band.

Principal Lisa Meade was on the Google Meet call with NYVT Media, and Meade’s pride and admiration for Moore’s resiliency and willingness to showcase her talents on stage was on full display.

Meade said she and Reuckert observed “great growth” and commitment to learning between ninth and 11th grade in Moore.

“Harley is able to bounce back from things that happened in life that were unfair,” Meade said. “I love that you (Moore) are a young lady who isn’t afraid to express yourself.”