Officer grabbed by man in police car

Officer grabbed by man in police car
A Granville Police Department patrol vehicle.

A Granville police officer was grabbed by a man in the back of a patrol car while driving him to Glens Falls Hospital for medical evaluation.

The officer was dispatched for a reported altercation behind a North Street residence, where he spoke with a man sitting on steps who said two men were stealing stuff from his property.

The man turned over his New York license, which was expired, but said he lived on North Street. The officer was then given a valid license out of Florida, revealing the man to be a 49-year-old Pensacola, Florida man.

The 49-year-old said he had seen two men that he did not know stealing items from his property, leading to an altercation.

The man said he had just gotten to Granville from Florida 30 minutes prior.

The officer asked dispatch to look up the owner of the property which came back to someone else’s name. Again, the officer asked the Florida man if he lived there, and the man said yes.

It turned out the 49-year-old man did live there many years ago but did not currently own or have permission to be on the property and was told to move on by the officer.

The 49-year-old said he owned the property, that he knows police are trigger-happy and the officer might as well shoot and kill him. The officer advised the man that would not happen and asked if he would like to see someone at the hospital about his thoughts, to which the Florida man agreed.

The Florida man got into the patrol car on his own and was cooperating while the officer advised dispatch that he was taking the 49-year-old to Glens Falls Hospital.

While driving near Beecher Road, the Florida man flung the middle window open, jumped up and grabbed the officer.

The officer pulled over and requested backup. The responding officer and a supervising officer were able to handcuff the man and placed him back in the patrol car where State Police followed the officer to the hospital for evaluation.