Gilmore named full-time officer

Gilmore named full-time officer
Whitehall Police Department

Previous part-time patrol officer Alexander Gilmore has been moved to full-time status in the Whitehall Police Department, helping to shore up the low number of full-time patrol officers serving over the summer.

“This individual works part-time for the village of Whitehall currently and part-time for the village of Granville,” said Chief Ernest Bassett Jr. “He is a certified officer so we won’t have to worry about his training.”

For the majority of the summer, there has been staffing issues because of the lack of officers in the area. To make sure that Whitehall is properly covered, there have been officers from Granville filling shifts in Whitehall.

“He fits within the parameters of our 10-mile range of where he resides, so at this point I would like to present that to the board,” Bassett told the Village Board at a recent meeting.

Gilmore is the third full-time officer in Whitehall now, following the addition of officer Dave Buxton in July. The board discussed Sept. 1 as the date of hire.

“On Aug. 19, we can schedule him for a physical exam and it will take a little bit of time before we get the final results back on that so Sept. 1 would be good,” Bassett said.

Bassett has started to get Gilmore ready for full-time status even before the completion of the physical because of the need for another full-time officer in Whitehall.

“In the meantime, we can work him temporarily at a full-time status because he comes off a list and I have already completed a schedule with him starting next week as a full-time status so he’ll be paid the full-time rate starting next week, but it wouldn’t be permanent until we got the results,” he said.

Other than being a patrolman for Granville and Whitehall, Gilmore graduated from Granville High School and pursued a career as an 89B Ammunition Specialist located in Schenectady with the US Army.

“Now, with the hiring of Gilmore, we have three full-time officers and a total of 16 (patrolmen). That sounds like a lot, but a percentage of those part-timers have not really worked a lot,” Bassett said.

“There’s one that hasn’t worked in two years but I called him up and he’s saying that he wants to, so I gave him the information and he would need to sign up now,” he said.

Bassett is hoping that the hiring of Gilmore will not only help the community, he also hopes that there might be a few more individuals interested in being a full-time officer in Whitehall.