Sasquatch fest is shaping up for Sept. 25

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Whitehall’s Sasquatch Festival is fast approaching and Barbara Spoor has been busy with planning the event. Because of the devastating pandemic last year, there was no celebration, but Spoor is ready to pull out all the stops this year for the festival.

“We’re planning the festival and one of the things we are looking at now is for our presentations,” Spoor told the town board at its July meeting. “With the researchers coming, we have a list of about six or seven presentations that will be happening that day.”

Spoor has been handing out letters to businesses in Whitehall for donations and support for the event. The festival is well-known for bringing in business to the area. But a change Spoor would like to see this year is where the presentations will be held.

“We’ve always had them in the pavilion but it’s kind of hard to hear if we have any music outside and the seating too can be crammed,” she said. “We were wondering if it might be possible to use the courtroom for those presentations so we have a place to tell people to go, weather wouldn’t be an issue at all, it was just an idea that one of us had and we figured we would ask.”

The board suggested the idea of scheduling the presentations in the lobby of the town and village offices instead, that way there is more containment of people who are interested in seeing the presentations.

“There’s a lot of personal property that’s not the town’s and it would be hard for us to secure that room, whereas this one is two doors (that can be) shut and you can do whatever you need to,” said board member XXXX Safka.

“A lot of our presenters have a PowerPoint of some sort or they do a slideshow so it’s just hard with the big windows up there to get the right lighting, but this is definitely more controlled so this will work,” Spoor said.

Along with the presentations, there will be festivities during the day. Spoor said there are a number of vendors looking to take part in the festival.

“We probably have about 20 to 25 vendors right now,” she said. “Like I said, we have about six or seven researchers coming out, we’ll have a bounce house for the kids again this year.”

Another possible addition this year will be Saratoga Draught Horse. Saratoga Draught Horse was established in 2019 and is a mobilized bar. Spoor is looking for beverages to be available for those of age.

“Mayor Egan is communicating with a vendor that we have that’s called Saratoga Draught Horse,” Spoor said. “They have a very nice horse trailer and they serve beer, wine, and cider. They do this at events for a living, so she is going to communicate with them to make sure they get all the right permits and licenses. We’re planning to do that in Riverside Park.”

The festivities will begin on Saturday, Sept. 25 at 10 a.m. in both Riverside and Skenesborough Park. The event has a current end time of 6 p.m. but might be extended to later hours for a possible fireworks display.