Police Beat, July 29, 2021

Editor’s note: An arrest or a charge is not a conviction. All persons listed are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Charges can be amended or dismissed.

Granville Police Department

July 14

8:20 p.m. Josephine M. Sabo, 25, of Queensbury, was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the third degree, a misdemeanor, and the violations of operating a motor vehicle by an unlicensed driver, operation of a motor vehicle without insurance, operation of a motor vehicle with improper plates, operation of an unregistered motor vehicle on a highway and failing to signal or making an unsafe turn.

Sabo was stopped in the vicinity of the Henry Hose firehouse on Quaker Street after failing to signal a left-hand turn and failing to come to a complete stop at the intersection of Columbus and Mettowee streets and failing to signal a right-hand turn on to Quaker Street, police said. Patrolling police officers recognized the Vermont license plate from a previous scan, making the officer aware that the plates did not belong to the operating vehicle. An officer observed an expired registration sticker dating back to April 2021.

Police identified Sabo as the driver from prior police interactions. After being asked why she was driving on switched plates, Sabo said she was in the process of driving to Price Chopper to get the title for the vehicle from the owner. The officer advised Sabo that she had been operating the vehicle for a while with an expired registration. Sabo then told the officer that the owner of the vehicle was deceased.

Police were informed by Sabo that the vehicle did not have any insurance. After running Sabo’s license, police learned that Sabo’s license only allowed her to operate a vehicle in the state of New York, which had been suspended as of Dec. 9, 2020, by the Town of White Creek Court for a failure to answer a summons. Sabo is scheduled to appear in Granville Village Court on Aug. 3.

July 16

9:40 p.m. Police were called at the station by a 31-year-old Water Street woman who asked officers to go to the local stores and prevent a 42-year-old Water Street man from purchasing more alcohol. The 31-year-old woman said the man was intoxicated and didn’t need any more. Police advised the woman that it was the store clerk’s discretion to either sell the man alcohol or not. The woman said she had slapped the 42-year-old man in the face and he took off running toward the bridge while she was on the phone with the officer. The officer patrolled the area and located the 42-year-old man, who told the officer he couldn’t believe the woman called the police on him, that she did slap him and that he did not want to press charges.

July 17

2:45 a.m. Police were dispatched to Lincoln Street for the report of a man who had struck a raccoon with his car on State Route 149 and had arrived home to find the raccoon in the grille of his Mustang, still alive. Upon arrival, both responding officers observed a raccoon partially sticking out of the grille of the vehicle, looking around at its surroundings with half of its body still inside the grille. Police were able to remove more plastic from the grille, freeing the raccoon to pull itself back into the grille area of the car. The raccoon was then able to maneuver itself into the wheel well area of the car, becoming stuck again. An officer was able to remove some push pins from the wheel well, freeing the raccoon again. Police observed the raccoon to be severely injured with a broken front leg. The raccoon limped to a nearby tree and was unable to climb up. Getting in a safe location, the supervising officer advised dispatch of possible “shots fired” complaints that could be made and fired one round from their duty pistol to take the raccoon out of its misery. The raccoon was removed and disposed of shortly after.

July 18

10:05 p.m. Charles H. Goodspeed, 46, of Granville, was ticketed for the aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor, when he was stopped on Church Street near South Street. Before his shift, an officer stopped at Stewart’s Shops on Quaker Street to buy a soda and observed Goodspeed inside the store with sunglasses on. The officer spoke to Goodspeed about the glasses, to which Goodspeed said they were prescription glasses. The officer made their purchase and returned to their patrol car. The officer had requested dispatch to run Goodspeed’s vehicle, a pickup truck parked by the air compressor at Stewart’s, to see if Goodspeed had a suspended license. The officer was aware of Goodspeed having a prior suspended license. Dispatch advised the officer that Goodspeed had a non-driver identification only, which showed Goodspeed had a suspended status of Aug. 18, 2020, for pending prosecution by court on a blood alcohol count.

The officer parked in the exit of Granville Elementary School and observed Goodspeed operate his vehicle on Rawson Avenue, Potter Avenue and stopped Goodspeed on Church Street. Goodspeed advised the officer during the stop that he needed to get food for his children. The officer told Goodspeed that he could not just look the other way because he has observed Goodspeed driving multiple times before. Due to the fact that it was raining and that he was getting food for his children, Goodspeed was allowed by the officer to drive his vehicle back to his residence to prevent it from being towed. Goodspeed told the office that he had nobody else at home with a license to drive a vehicle and wanted to know the officer’s reason for pulling him over. The officer said that it was due to the officer having knowledge that Goodspeed’s license was suspended. Goodspeed said the officer still needed a reason to stop him. The officer advised Goodspeed that knowledge of a suspended license is more than enough reason to conduct a traffic stop. Goodspeed is scheduled to appear in Granville Village Court on Aug. 3.

July 19

9:30 p.m. Police were dispatched to a Mettowee Street residence for the request of parental assistance from a 45-year-old mother. The woman told the officer that due to her 15-year-old daughter’s behavior, she had to turn off the WiFi and phone service as punishment. However, the mother feels like this punishes herself as well by doing so. The mother decided she wanted to take her daughter’s electronics instead. The 15-year-old was advised by the officer to do her best in following her mother’s rules at home. The 45-year-old woman requested the officer take possession of the 15-year-old’s electronics instead of just putting them in her bedroom. The officer advised the mother that the police would not be taking possession of personal property for the purpose of parental punishment. The officer stood by while the daughter handed over her property to her mother.

11:45 p.m. Granville police arrested Christopher M. Rozell, 34, of Granville after being informed by dispatch that Rozell had active warrants out of State Police in Granville and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Patrolling the area of Church Street, police observed a white passenger car in the parking lot of Mettowee Park. The officer pulled behind the vehicle and could see the vehicle was unoccupied, with Illinois registration. While waiting for dispatch to run the tag, the officer observed Rozell and a 28-year-old woman walking out of the park toward the officer. The officer asked both individuals for their IDs, to which they revealed their names and addresses after Rozell said he didn’t have his with him and the woman said it was in her car. After running the IDs, police were informed of Rozell’s warrants and placed him under arrest. Both the Sheriff’s Office and State Police arrived at Granville Police Department to take custody of Rozell, who was transported to Washington County Jail for arraignment.

July 22

12:30 p.m. Police responded to a report of shoplifting by a 17-year-old Argyle girl at Label Shopper on Quaker Street. Upon arrival police observed the complainant, a 45-year-old Hudson Falls woman, and the 17-year-old girl standing in the parking lot. The 45-year-old woman handed the officer a T-shirt and said the 17-year-old had attempted to walk out of the store without paying for it. The officer asked the 17-year-old if she had paid for the shirt to which she replied that she had not. The officer issued a juvenile appearance ticket and the 17-year-old girl was released. The value of the shirt was $9.99.

Whitehall Police Department

July 19

4:55 p.m. An officer on duty patrolled to School Street for a 53-year-old man who called and stated he arrived home from work to find multiple trees down on his lawn as well as tire marks that had damaged his lawn. The man stated that a neighbor told him it was Verizon that had come to cut the trees for the power lines, but the man was upset about the trees being left and the damage to his lawn. The officer advised the man they would try to contact Verizon and that he should call as well as National Grid to see about a solution.

8:35 p.m. An officer on patrol was flagged down by a woman reporting cows in the roadway in the area of South Bay bridge. The officer observed cows on the front lawn of 12362 State Route 22 and spoke with the homeowner, who stated the cows had been on her lawn for about half an hour and that she was under the impression they belonged to the farm across the road at Windy Meadow Farms. The officer contacted a 42-year-old woman at the residence who stated that they did not own any cows, but would go to the location to see if they were theirs.

July 20

4:30 a.m. An officer took a call at the station for an unknown disturbance on South Williams Street. While enroute, the officer received a call from dispatch advising there was a trespass in progress.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke with Stephanie Gallagher who said that she was in the shower and heard the door rattling. When she came out, she said, 20-year-old Donovan Whitford was in her kitchen.

Gallagher advised the officer that Whitford had been told repeatedly by her and members of the police department not to be at her house. She further advised that he was there to see their 15-year-old daughter.

The officer cleared the location to look for Whitford and advised Gallagher they would need a statement from her but would go and try to find Whitford first. Gallagher thought Whitford might head toward Skene Street.

The officer checked the area with State Police for about 45 minutes but was unsuccessful. The officer had dispatch call Gallagher and have her go to the station for a statement to which she responded she wouldn’t be able to until 7:30 a.m.

At about 5:30 a.m., the officer located Whitford on Skene Street. Whitford said that he was invited to the house by the 15-year-old. The officer advised him to stay away from the residence. At that time, charges were pending due to waiting for Gallagher to give a statement.

Chief Bassett called the station and spoke with Investigator Hunt to provide a statement.

Later on, a responding officer on an unrelated call spotted Whitford at 28 Mountain St. The officer took Whitford into custody on a signed criminal trespass in the second-degree information.

Whitford was processed and released on an appearance ticket for Aug. 9 at Whitehall Court.

New York State Police

July 18

4:30 p.m. Gwen L. Roberts, 41, of Argyle was arrested in Queensbury for petit larceny, a class A misdemeanor. She was issued an appearance ticket.

7:58 p.m. Theron A. Erickson, 30, of Salem was arrested in Argyle for criminal possession of a firearm in the fourth degree, a class A misdemeanor, operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08%, first offense, and DWI, first offense, both class U misdemeanors. He was issued an appearance ticket.

July 19

1 p.m. Daniel D. Deruhka, 37, of Glens Falls was arrested in Fort Edward for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree and possession of a hypodermic instrument, both class A misdemeanors. He was issued an appearance ticket.

July 23

1:30 p.m. William O. Sites, 43, of Schuylerville was arrested for petty larceny, a class A misdemeanor, and was issued an appearance ticket.

July 24

11:20 a.m. Laquisha M. Johnson, 34, of the Bronx was arrested on one count of introducing contraband into prison in the second degree, a class A misdemeanor, and two counts of introducing dangerous contraband into prison in the first degree, a class D felony. She was being held.

Vermont State Police

June 26

6:55 p.m. Vermont State Police located a BOLO (be on the lookout) vehicle at the Shell Gas Station on North Main Street in Rutland City. The operator of the vehicle was reportedly impaired. Troopers contacted the operator, Lisa A. Beauchamp, 61, of Rutland and subsequently screened her for DUI. Beauchamp was arrested and later released on a citation to appear in Vermont Superior Court, Rutland Criminal Division at a later date.

July 14

9:44 a.m. Vermont State Police were notified of a potential conditions-of-release violation in the Town of Pawlet. Further investigation revealed Shelby N. Berry, 29, of Manchester, New Hampshire, violated active court conditions of release via text message on July 13 at 9 p.m. Berry was located in Manchester, Vermont, by local authorities and issued a criminal citation to appear in Rutland Superior Court.

July 17

8:16 a.m. Vermont State Police stopped Cheyenne Ford, 19, of Chittenden for a traffic violation in the Town of Rutland after a BOLO (be on the lookout) was issued for her vehicle concerning possible impaired operation. During the stop Ford displayed signs of intoxication and was subsequently arrested for DUI. She was processed and ultimately released on a citation to appear in Rutland District Court at a later date.

6:58 p.m. Vermont State Police received a report of a family fight at a residence on Perch Pond Road in the Town of Benson. Troopers and an officer from the Fair Haven Police Department responded. The investigation revealed Nathan R. Halligan, 27, of Benson allegedly committed the offense of aggravated domestic assault in the first degree, in the presence of a child. Halligan was taken into custody, processed, issued conditions of release and cited to appear in Rutland District Court at a later date.

7:22 p.m. Vermont State Police responded to an assault complaint from Thomas Emerson who had been transported to Rutland Regional Medical Center. Through investigation, Harold StFrancis, 35, of Rutland City was charged with aggravated assault. StFrancis was ultimately released on court-ordered conditions to appear in court at a later date.

7:47 p.m. Vermont State Police were notified of a single ATV crash with injuries. Upon arrival, troopers determined that Ezekiel A. Winborn, 38, of Benson was operating a 1986 Suzuki 250 E-F under the influence of alcohol. He was transported by Granville Rescue Squad to Rutland Regional Medical Center for treatment of minor non-life-threatening injuries. The ATV was totaled. Winborn was given a citation to appear before the Rutland County Superior Court Criminal Division at a later date.

July 18

5:20 p.m. Vermont State Police responded to a reported single-vehicle rollover crash on Danby Pawlet Road in the Town of Danby. Upon arrival on the scene, troopers located a 2004 maroon Chevrolet trailblazer that came to a position of uncontrolled rest, overturned on the roadway. The driver, Scot Rafus, 51, of Mount Tabor, was transported by ambulance to Rutland Regional Medical Center. Initial investigation revealed that Rafus was traveling westbound on Danby Pawlet Road when he drove off the north side of the roadway, which ultimately caused his vehicle to roll and come to rest, overturned, in the westbound lane. Rafus, who was ejected from the vehicle, later succumbed to his injuries at Rutland Regional Medical Center. Vermont State Police were assisted on scene by the Northshire Rescue Squad, Granville Rescue Squad, Danby Volunteer Fire Department and the Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department.